Accessing City Hall

City Clerk's Office

The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to build public trust and confidence in local government. We:

  • Elect government by ensuring elections readiness and managing elections operations
  • Make government work by managing government decision-making processes, supporting elected and accountability officials, providing protocol and official services and delivering provincially delegated services
  • Promote open government by managing and storing records, enabling corporate information stewardship and openness, and delivering creative, printing and distribution services


Digital Citizen Advisor

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Open Government site

Information is the lifeblood of an accessible, transparent, accountable government. Find out about the City's commitment to "open up government" on the Open Government website.

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Get the (open) data

The City of Toronto makes data it collects available to the public via By offering data sets for others to use, the City supports unfiltered access to its information. Applications created using City data provide potential benefits for everyone. The goal over time is to offer all data allowable by law through