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Each year, the City of Toronto's purchases are valued at over $1 billion which reflects a total of approximately 2000 contracts issued to vendors for goods and services, professional services and construction services. The Purchasing and Materials Management Division is responsible for ensuring all purchases assist in delivering City services at the best value possible for the taxpayers of the City of Toronto, through open, fair, competitive and transparent municipal procurement processes.

Ensuring that the best services and products are purchased at the most competitive prices means that the City is constantly offering new business opportunities, from small to large.

The City of Toronto's Purchasing Process

The City of Toronto's Purchasing Process

The Purchasing & Materials Management Divsion (PMMD) is responsible for purchasing goods and services for all City divisions and designated Agency, Boards, and Commissions (ABC).

How the Purchasing Process Works

Suspended Contractors

A list of suspended contractors from City contracts for failure to comply with the City's purchasing policies.