Accessible Elections

One of the most important mandates of the City Clerk's Office is to ensure that elections are accessible to all. From providing equipment and technology that allows private and independent voting, to ensuring that our voting places are accessible. Find out more about the Clerk's policy on Providing Service to People with Disabilities.

"There should be no hierarchy of citizenship when it comes to voting in Canada: no second class voters."
(Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: Hughes, James Peter v. Elections Canada)

Are you unable to vote during any of the available voting days? Do you need to have your ballot transferred to a Voter Assist Terminal (VAT)voting location?  Check out Special Services for Voters.

The next General Election is Monday, October 22, 2018

Accessibility Topics

Image of a voting place with two vote signs, a yellow one that says vote here, and a blue accessible vote sign

Accessibility Plan

The 2014 Accessibility Plan supports and strengthens the City's commitment to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Accessibility Resources

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Accessibility Links

Quick Links to internal and external, accessibility policies, legislation, guides and tools.

Accessibility Outreach Network Presentation May 2

Accessibility Outreach Network

The Accessibility Outreach Network is a forum to exchange election information, identify voting barriers, build strong partnerships and encourage networking opportunities. Election Services works with the community to create elections that are accessible and to provide a positive voting experience.

image of the voter assist terminal

Accessible Voting Equipment

Information about our accessible voting equipment and how to transfer your ballot to a voting place with a Voter Assist Terminal (VAT).

image of a still from the how to vote video with a woman providing ASL on the right side of the picture

How to Vote Video

The How to Vote video is an overview of what to expect when you arrive at a voting place.