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ActiveTO and Rediscover the Stairs

ActiveTO is TPH's newest initiative to encourage support for changes in our city that make walking, cycling, and public transit a safe and easy choice. As part of this campaign, Rediscover the Stairs focuses on easy ways to fit physical activity into our busy lives. 

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Nutrition workshop for community agencies

TPH is offering a free training workshop to community agencies interested in leading healthy cooking programs. Register today to learn key skills and strategies for teaching nutrition programs to your clients. 

Help your child have a healthy start to school

Studies show that healthy children make better learners, and better educated children are healthier. Ensuring your child gets enough sleep, eats healthy foods and is physically active every day, are just a few of the ways that you can help them succeed at school.

Ebola risk remains very low

Ebola virus disease is a severe disease that causes haemorrhagic fever in humans and animals. There has never been a case of Ebola reported in Canada and the risk to Canadians remains very low. For more information on the Ebola virus disease visit Public Health Agency of Canada or the World Health Organization.


TPH releases report on e-Cigarettes

TPH has reviewed the available evidence on electronic cigarette use, safety, health effects, and its potential as a smoking cessation aid, and presented a report at the August 18th Board of Health meeting. Read TPH's official position statement and the full report for more information.

In Your Language

Here you can find translated information about a wide range of health topics in your language.