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Get the Weather Active app

Extreme heat and poor air quality can have direct impacts on health, especially during periods of physical activity. Weather Active is a free app designed to help reduce the risks of extreme heat and air pollution exposure while enjoying the benefits of healthy summer activity. 

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Report food poisoning online with GastroBusters

TPH is introducing a new online tool that allows Toronto residents to easily report cases of foodborne illness. Think you might have food poisoning? Report it online using GastroBusters to help us find food items and locations that might make other people sick.

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Reduce the risk of West Nile virus

You can help reduce the risk of West Nile virus by removing stagnant water on your property where mosquitoes can breed. Empty standing water that collects in birdbaths, tires, flower pots, wheel barrows, eaves, gutters and pool covers. Maintaining your outdoor swimming pool will also reduce mosquito breeding areas.


condomTO has arrived!

Let the games begin! condomTO's new wrapper designs were revealed in a live graffiti battle. See all  six designs and access our map to get your very own limited-edition condom. 

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Here you can find translated information about a wide range of health topics in your language.