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Open Data

Welcome to Open Data - Toronto

Open Data leads to transparent government: open, accessible and accountable.

Be informed and engaged - anyone can use the data!

The dataset catalogue was last updated April 1, 2015.


 Search our open data sets and files here:

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Data catalogue

Access the City's data, organized into 15 categories.

See Word: ''New'' graphic and Word: ''Updated'' graphicfor latest adds/changes to the data.

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Who's using the Data?

Take a look at some of the mobile apps, visualizations and websites that make use of City of Toronto data.



DATA eh?

"DATA eh?" is the term we're using to explore how City of Toronto data makes lives better. We want to engage with users of our City data. We have our twitter feed, links to the Open Government Podcast and short video clips available here!

Visualize the data ...

Not sure how to use Open Data? Don't have the technical skills? Check out WellbeingToronto where you can use all kinds of data in many ways.

Screen capture of the WellbeingToronto page - has visualization tools to interpret data.