Becoming a Candidate

This section provides information on the nomination process, including withdrawing or changing office and the roles and responsibilities of members of Council and school board trustees.

A person cannot raise or spend any money until they become a candidate and they cannot become a candidate until they have filed a nomination paper.

2014 Provincial Candidates' Guide

Candidate Topics

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School Board Ward Changes

Under the Education Act, School Boards must provide a report outlining the number of trustees and geographic area to the City by April 3, 2014.  Three of the four school boards changed their ward boundaries.

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Becoming a Candidate Presentation

On January 22, 2014 Election Services held an information session on Becoming a Candidate.  The presentation along with speaking notes is available to view.

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Candidate Qualifications

To become a candidate in a municipal election, a person must first establish their qualifications on the day the Nomination Paper is filed. 

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Withdrawing a Nomination

If a candidate decides they no longer wish to run in the municipal election they can file a withdrawal of nomination.

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Changing Office

A candidate may decide to run for another office during the nomination period.

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Name on Ballot

Learn the rules about how a candidate's name appears on the ballot.

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Roles of Elected Officials

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of members of council and school board trustees. Information is also provided on the types of school boards and the areas of jurisdiction.

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