Communicable Disease Control

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Get immunized. Be protected.

Vaccines create immunity to protect us from infections. Vaccines can also be called immunization, needles or shots.

Do not delay your child's vaccination. Vaccines work best when all children are immunized on time. Immunization protects us all from serious diseases.

News and Announcements

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Tetanus Booster

Ensure your tetanus vaccine is up-to-date.  Tetanus bacterium lives as spores in soil, dust and sometimes in rusty nails. Check with your doctor if you get a cut or deep wound.  Adults need a booster every 10 years. Make sure your children are protected too.


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School Immunization Coverage

Ontario's Immunization of School Pupil Act requires that students be immunized against designated diseases, unless they have a valid exemption.  See immunization coverage rates for Toronto elementary and high schools.