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Our Operators' page gives providers of early learning and child care programs access to funding opportunities, policies and guidelines, supports for children with special needs, online services, training and more.

What's New

New Regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act and Education Act

On May 9, 2016, the Ministry of Education posted new regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act and Education Act. These changes cover a number of areas, including licensing fees, serious occurrences, enforcement, before- and after-school programs, and new optional models for group sizes, age ranges and ratios. The new rules come into effect at varying dates. A letter highlighting some of the key changes was sent to the child care sector on May 18, 2016.

More information, including fact sheets, is available on the Ministry of Education website.

The Province of Ontario is proposing to ban fees for child care waitlists

The Province is seeking public feedback on this proposed new regulation. Feed back is due by July 4. Learn more.

City of Toronto Children's Services' video update for child care operators

Welcome to our spring 2016 Committee and Council video update. Get the latest scoop on: capital funding; the revised Child Care Design and Technical Guideline; school age programs; waitlist and subsidy numbers; our progress on the Child Care Funding Model and the Service Plan; proposed Provincial child care regulations; and changes to the delivery and management of family support programs. Note: since the production of this video, the Province has withdrawn its suggested regulations around group sizes and ratios, pending further public consultation.

Check out the Webinars on Quality!

YouTube thumbnailTo help support the journey of quality improvement, a series of webinarssérie de webinaires has been created specifically for Frontline Educators, Operators and Boards of Directors. These tools are designed to support all centres and municipalities using the Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI). This webinar series outlines the importance of quality early learning programs and how the AQI can be used as a resource to support quality. Watch out for our next series in the coming months!