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Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis develops leading edge policies based on extensive research in land use, housing, economy, community services. We also provide many services and products to other Divisions, Council, public agencies and the public.

Official Plan

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Official Plan

The Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how Toronto will grow to the year 2031. That's a fairly long time, so it is important to do regular "check-ups" to ensure that the Official Plan is working to fulfill its vision. 

Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis Topics


Toronto Employment Survey 2016

This bulletin summarizes the results of the 34th annual Toronto Employment Survey and provides an analysis of changes in Toronto's economy over the past decade including evolving employment patterns across the City and in Downtown, the Centres, Employment Areas, and Secondary Plan areas. The 2016 survey counted 1,461,020 jobs, an increase of 38,740 jobs or 2.7% over 2015.


Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities

Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities is a study being undertaken by the City Planning Division that examines how new multi-unit housing in high-density communities can better accommodate the needs of households with children and youth.

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Housing Occupancy Trends

The Toronto Profile bulletin "Housing Occupancy Trends, 1996-2011" analyzes patterns in housing supply and demand over a fifteen year period. It examines changing household characteristics and development trends and the impact they have on housing across Toronto.

TOCore: Planning Toronto's Downtown

TOcore: Planning Toronto's Downtown

A look at how Toronto's Downtown should grow, ensuring that it has the necessary infrastructure to remain a great place to live, work, learn and play.

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ConsumersNext is a City of Toronto project that will look for ways to enhance the Consumers Road Business Park and areas around the Sheppard and Victoria Park intersection.  ConsumersNext will focus on six building blocks to address and the growing opportunity for Mixed Use development, including residential construction, and the area's city-wide role as an important location for employment.

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Keele Finch Plus

Keele Finch Plus is a Planning Study about planning for the future of the area and how to best leverage investment in rapid transit (subway and LRT) for the benefit of the community and city.

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Don Mills Crossing

Don Mills Crossing will examine ways to focus and shape anticipated growth around the intersection of Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue East, anchored by transit infrastructure being constructed as part of the Crosstown LRT.


Section 37 Benefits

Section 37 of the Planning Act permits the City to authorize increases in permitted height and/or density through the zoning bylaw in return for community benefits. Read more about the policies in our education brochure.

Buidling Up Toronto

Condominium Consultations

Find out more about the consultation with Toronto's condominium occupants to identify possible changes to City policies around condo living in Toronto. 

Living in Downtown and the Centres

Living in Downtown and the Centres (2011)

The survey was carried out in 2011 to help assess the present policies for Downtown and the Centres and to understand the housing needs and quality of life issues of people living in these areas of the City.

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Rental Housing

Learn more about rental, supportable and affordable housing.



Projecting Population and Employment to 2031 in a Mature Urban Area. This 2001 research report describes the projected demand and supply of housing and projected employment.