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Long-Term Care Homes & Services provides a variety of long-term healthcare services for residents in the City's directly operated long-term care homes and for vulnerable individuals who reside in the community.

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Excellence in Volunteering

On April 19, 2017, Long-Term Care Homes & Services honoured outstanding volunteers at the annual Excellence in Volunteering event, which recognizes individuals and groups for donating their time, energy and skills to enhance the lives of residents and clients in the City's 10 long-term care homes and community programs. In 2016, approximately 2,300 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds contributed 136,000 hours of service!


Canada Blooms

For the past ten years, Canada Blooms, following its annual gardening festival, has donated plants and flowers to a City of Toronto long-term care home.  Residents of Kipling Acres were the recipients of this generous donation in 2017. During the donation celebration, long-term care residents were joined by renowned horticulturist Denis Flanagan, Canada Blooms General Manager Terry Caddo, local City Councillor Michael Ford and more than 600 plants.

2016 Quality Fair

Quality Fair 2016

The Long-Term Care Homes & Services Annual Quality Fair shines a spotlight on the division's quality improvement work and gives staff teams an opportunity to share their success with peers and external partners. Presentations included Leadership Rounds, Reducing Antipsychotic Medication Usage, Therapeutic Bathing, Refining the Dining Experience and Improving Resident Experience on Day of Admission.  The People's Choice Award was given to the Seniors' Art Engagement Program, a partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

Volunteer Youth Summit Group2016.JPG

Volunteer Youth Summit

The ninth annual Volunteer Youth Summit was held on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), with 50 youth volunteers from all homes in attendance. It provided an excellent opportunity for the youth volunteers to come together as a united group, share the amazing initiatives they have been involved in at the homes, network with each other and also learn about the Youth Art Ambassador Program.  The day was a huge success, thanks in large part to the AGO and two youth volunteers from Wesburn Manor, Kathy Huang and Victoria Li, who volunteered to help plan the event and did an amazing job!

Long-term care home resident with a little girl who wears a dance costume

Inter-generational Programming

The Toronto Star has profiled the inter-generational programs run by City of Toronto Children's Services and Long-Term Care Homes & Services. For seniors, it offers them an opportunity to share their knowledge, life experience and have fun interacting with a younger generation.  Read the article online and see pictures and video from the move and groove dance party at Kipling Acres.


2016-2020 Service Plan

Approved by City Council in November, the Service Plan will guide the delivery of long-term care services provided in City-operated long-term care homes and to clients receiving services in the community. Existing work, research, published literature and stakeholder consultations were utilized to develop the priority areas:

  1. Deliver exemplary care and services through a continuum of care;
  2. Serve vulnerable individuals and respond to emerging community needs; and
  3. Lead advances in long-term care and support services to seniors.

Capital Renewal Plan

The Council-approved plan allows LTCHS to proceed with the staged redevelopment of five long-term care homes to meet new design standards, explore affordable housing opportunities and advance the vision to be leaders in excellence and ground-breaking services for healthy aging. The Capital Renewal Plan promotes and preserves partnerships, responds to emerging community needs, serves vulnerable individuals and ensures residents will continue to receive excellent care and service, throughout redevelopment, in City-operated long-term care homes.

Vija Mallia with Heather Brown Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

Leadership Award to Director Long-Term Care Homes

Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OANHSS) presented Vija Mallia, Director Long-Term Care Homes, with its 2014 Leadership Award for her demonstrated exemplary leadership within the long-term care sector. Vija's compassion for others, commitment to excellence and innovative approaches on behalf of vulnerable individuals were highlighted as the key factors in her selection and this provincial recognition.
Michael Fernandes, Gayle Campbell, Brian Taylor from Seven Oaks and Debra Hayden, Toronto Public Health receive award from Koster Consulting.JPG

Award for Infection, Prevention and Control

Seven Oaks received the Innovation and Excellence Workplace Quality Award from Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OANHSS) for excellence in Infection, Prevention and Control Outbreak Management. Seven Oaks introduced an innovative program that employed several key strategies to prevent outbreaks, such as teamwork, early detection protocols, system analysis, visitor engagement, heightened vigilance and a training video for staff and other stakeholders.

A diverse group of long-term care workers

Innovation & Excellence Workplace Quality Award

Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OANHSS) has awarded Long-Term Care Homes & Services with the 2012 Innovation and Excellence Workplace Quality Award, recognizing the practical and creative programs and strategies for fostering workplace excellence and for the engagement of program staff in reducing incidents resulting in musculoskeletal disorders.

City manager Joe Pennachetti with Long-Term Care Homes & Services division colleagues

Diversity Initiative receives City Manager's Award

Long-Term Care Homes & Services was recognized in the Human Rights, Equity and Diversity category with a City Manager's Award for creating the first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender toolkit; an effort to ensure that LGBT seniors living in the community would not face discrimination if they needed to enter a long-term care home.

Mayor Rob Ford with Long-Term Care Homes & Services staff holding awards

City Council recognizes Divisional Awards

City Council recognizes Long-Term Care Homes & Services for its high quality care and customer service innovations by acknowledging receipt of the national, Accreditation with Exemplary Standing and the provincial, Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OANHSS) Innovation and Excellence Workplace Quality Award, noting Toronto seniors and those in need of long-term care are fortunate that the division are leaders in excellence.