Epidemiology & Surveillance

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The Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) outlines the communicable diseases that are designated reportable in the province of Ontario. Under the authority of the HPPA, Ontario Regulations 559/91, these diseases or suspected occurrences of these diseases, must be reported to the local Health Unit by physicians, laboratories, administrators of hospitals, schools, and institutions. The public health system depends upon these reports of communicable diseases to monitor the health of the community and to provide the basis for preventive action.

To view the communicable diseases that are reportable in Ontario click on the link below.
List of Reportable Diseases in Ontario (PDF)
Updated May 2015
Accurate and complete reporting of communicable diseases to the Health Unit is required for several reasons. The most common reasons include:

  1. To detect outbreaks and epidemics,
  2. To enable timely follow-up of communicable disease reports so that further transmission is prevented,
  3. To facilitate the prompt implementation of appropriate public health interventions and educational efforts,
  4. To help target prevention programs, identify specific sub-populations at highest risk, and to use resources efficiently,
  5. To evaluate the success of disease control efforts,
  6. To facilitate epidemiological research,
  7. To contribute to provincial, national and international surveillance efforts.

For information on provincial infectious disease data, please visit the PHO website.


Historical surveillance reports can be accessed via:


Annual Reports

The annual report provides a summary of reportable communicable diseases in the City of Toronto, which profiles the latest available data, and also describes disease trends for the previous 10-year period. The intended audience is the larger health community, as well as the general public.
Last updated June 2017

Monthly Reports

The monthly communicable disease report summarizes current reportable disease trends in Toronto, for sharing with the larger health community, as well as the general public.
Last updated June 2017

Active Outbreaks in Toronto Healthcare Institutions

This weekly report is posted each Thursday.  The intent of the report is to provide an updated list of outbreaks in Toronto healthcare institutions – including hospitals, long-term care homes, and retirement homes - which are currently active, and those that have been declared over in the previous seven days.
Last updated June 2017

Weekly Influenza News

The weekly influenza news is produced weekly during periods when there is influenza activity in Toronto. The intent of the weekly bulletin is to provide descriptive epidemiologic data on influenza activity in the City of Toronto for health professionals and administrators of institutions. The bulletin summarizes various indicators of new influenza activity for a given week and the current season.
Last updated June 9, 2017

Seasonal: Weekly West Nile Virus Human Case Surveillance Bulletin

The West Nile Virus Human Case Surveillance bulletin is a seasonal weekly report providing data on human West Nile virus activity in the City of Toronto during West Nile Virus season. This report is intended primarily for Hospital Infection Control Practitioners, Emergency Departments, Neurologists and Infectious Disease Specialists.

Last updated October 26, 2016