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The City, Metrolinx and TTC have been working to develop options for SmartTrack in partnership since January 2015, when City Council approved a joint work program.

SmartTrack will increase transit options for people moving around Toronto in the short term by making better use of existing transit infrastructure while we plan longer term investments in additional capacity.

It builds upon Metrolinx’s GO Regional Express Rail program, which includes significant increases in off-peak service on five of the existing GO corridors, by proposing more stations and lower fares on the Stouffville, Lakeshore East and Kitchener corridors.

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What will SmartTrack do ?

SmartTrack will increase transit options for people moving around Toronto in the short term by making better use of existing transit infrastructure while we plan significant longer term investments in additional capacity.

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Technical Reports

Detailed technical work has been completed on the estimated travel demand for SmartTrack, and the feasibility of the proposed SmartTrack Western Corridor.  


What is SmartTrack?

SmartTrack consists of two components:

1) increased service, new stations and lower fares along 41km of existing GO corridors between the planned Mount Dennis Station and Unionville Station in York Region by way of Union Station in Toronto, and

2) the Eglinton West LRT, an 11km westerly extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT from Mount Dennis to the Mississauga Airport Corporate Centre and beyond to Toronto Pearson.

Critical to the success of SmartTrack is that it be well integrated into Toronto’s transit network extending the
usefulness of SmartTrack to more people.. This includes an integrated fare that makes the cost comparable to
Toronto’s transit fares. The benefits of SmartTrack have been evaluated from a strategic perspective using the Principles and Criteria established

through the City’s “Feeling Congested?” process.



Current Status

In July 2016, City Council approved a ST/RER integration scenario that includes RER service levels on Stouffville/Lakeshore East and Kitchener Corridors with up to six new stations located at Finch East, Lawrence East, Gerrard, Unilever, Liberty Village, and St. Clair West, and through service at Union Station (EX 9.1)New infrastructure for SmartTrack are the six new stations. SmartTrack does not require any additional track infrastructure or grade separations as it will be RER service level.

City Council approved an Eglinton West LRT as the Western Corridor for SmartTrack (13.3) with 8-12 stops and 5 potential grade separations (EX16.1)

Decision History

  • July 12-15, 2016 - City Council endorsed report EX 16.1 Developing Toronto's Transit Network Plan to 2031, directing City Manager Office  to partner with Province of Ontario and Metrolinx and the Toronto Transit Commission, to complete the remaining technical and planning analysis and undertake any required Environmental Assessment/Transit Project Assessment Process

  • March 31, 2016 - City Council endorsed report EX13.3 Developing Toronto's Transit Network Plan: Phase 1, directing the City Manager to 
    • finalize the technical and planning analysis phase for SmartTrack and prepare background studies required for Transit Project Assessment Processes (TPAPs), by completing the following:
        • review the approved environmental assessment for the Eglinton West LRT extension from Mount Dennis to the Mississauga Airport Corporate Centre (MACC) and Pearson Airport to optimize design, and remove the heavy rail options on the western corridor from further consideration;
        • complete the analysis for SmartTrack/GO RER integration options C and D, and remove from consideration the Separate and Parallel SmartTrack option, option A and option B, as defined in table 3 in the report (March 3, 2016) from the City Manager, the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B, and the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning; and
          • that the St. Clair West Station being recommended in the integrated GO RER/SmartTrack Options C and D be further considered within the context of the ongoing employment growth in the immediate area, and the purpose of the St. Clair Avenue West (EROW) and St. Clair Avenue Study; and
        • report to the June 28, 2016 Executive Committee and June 28, 2016 Metrolinx Board meetings with the recommended SmartTrack concept.
  • October 20, 2015 - The City's Executive Committee received the report EX9.1 SmartTrack Status Update for information.
  • April 2015 - The Ontario Legislature passed Building Ontario Up, the 2015 Ontario Budget
  • February 2015 - City Council endorsed report EX2.2 SmartTrack Work Plan (2015-2016) approving the work plan for the initial planning phase of the SmartTrack project to assess feasibility and develop business case. Council requested a report in fall 2015 that will provide requested analysis to inform Council’s decision making process with respect to approving and funding the next phases of the SmartTrack project. 
  • December 11, 2014 - City Council endorsed report EX1.12. Request for Report on SmartTrack and Regional Express Rail Plans and directed the City Manager to work with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and the Provincial Government and its agencies to provide an accelerated work plan for a review of the SmartTrack and RER plans.
  • July 24, 2014 - The Ontario Legislature passed the Building Opportunity and Securing Our Future Act (2014 Budget Measures), which included a commitment to deliver Regional Express Rail (RER) which envisions expanding GO Transit rail service across all seven GO corridors. RER will provide two-way, all-day, GO service as frequent as every 15 minutes through electrification of provincially owned GO rail corridors. The RER program will be delivered over the next ten years by the Province's regional transportation agency, Metrolinx.

Work Plan (2015-2016)

On February 10, 2015, City Council considered the report (EX2.2 SmartTrack Work Plan (2015-2016) and directed City staff in partnership with the Province (Metrolinx) to carry out the accelerated SmartTrack Work Plan. Specifically, Council:

  • Requested the Province and Metrolinx to include the additional SmartTrack elements in the design and review of RER on the Stouffville/Lakeshore East GO Corridor and Kitchener GO Corridor, including:
    • a service frequency of better than 15 minutes;
    • all-stop service in both directions;
    • accelerated electrification of the entire SmartTrack line;
    • transit service integration;
    • integrated fares between GO Transit and the TTC;
    • seven additional stations on the Stouffville GO/ Lakeshore East GO Corridor; and
    • four additional stations including one south of Bloor Street between Queen St and Dundas St west, plus the already planned new station at Mount Dennis on the Kitchener GO corridor.
  • Directed the City in partnership with Metrolinx and TTC to undertake a feasibility review of SmartTrack options on the Eglinton Avenue West corridor (Mount Dennis to the Mississauga Airport Corporate Centre), including
    • at least 3 stations;
    • integration with the Kitchener GO corridor/RER plan;
    • public consultation to inform the study; and
    • to prepare the feasibility review as a background study for a future Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), subject to further Council direction.

City Council directed staff to include in the feasibility review a further option which would continue SmartTrack north from the Mount Dennis station to the airport area, including the existing Weston GO station, and two additional stations at Islington Avenue and in the vicinity of Woodbine Racetrack, and then connect to the Airport Corporate Centre by way of a new heavy rail link.

  • Requested the City Manager in collaboration with provincial officials and other funding partners to develop a strategy for the sharing of the capital costs of implementing the SmartTrack enhancements to RER; and a strategy for financing the City's share of the capital costs.
  • Requested the Province and Metrolinx to work in partnership with the City and other affected municipalities on the RER public outreach and engagement strategy, and include SmartTrack as a component of the strategy.
  • Directed the City Manager to report in the Fall 2015 on the following:
    • Kitchener GO and Stouffville/Lakeshore East GO RER/SmartTrack Service Concept, Infrastructure Plan and Business Case analysis
    • Eglinton West Corridor Feasibility Review findings and options for rapid transit on the Eglinton West Corridor
    • High level costs estimates and planning analysis for all three corridors
    • Capital cost sharing and City financing strategy
    • Plan for additional Environmental Assessments that may be required on all corridors
    • Update on public consultation activities
    • TTC service integration plan that highlights connections to proposed SmartTrack stations.


June 2016 Public Meeting Materials

Public Meeting Presentation

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February, 2016 Public Meeting Materials

Presentation materials:

June, 2015 Public Consultation Report

From June 13 to 25, eight Public Information Sessions were held across the City to consult with and inform residents about network transit planning and the projects that will transform the way you move around Toronto and beyond. The SmartTrack Public Consultation Report summarizes themes of feedback and will be available for download soon.

Click here to view the SmartTrack Status Update at the October 20 meeting of Executive Committee.

Presentation materials:

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