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Welcome to the web pages of the Partnership Development Unit of Parks, Forestry & Recreation. The Partnership Development Unit helps grassroots community groups with their fundraising projects, and we welcome support and funding from corporations, foundations and philanthropists. Working together, we have successfully raised millions of dollars for parks, recreation and urban forestry projects for the benefit of Torontonians and visitors. Please contact us to discuss your needs and projects.


A photo of the new park sign outside the maze, emblazoned William Meany Maze after the donor who made the new maze possible.

William Meany Maze Opens

Thanks to the generosity of William Meany, the hedge maze on Toronto Island Park is back! The new maze opened in June to replace the old maze removed in 2012 after surrounding trees shaded it out. Read about the new maze and make sure to visit this summer.

A photo of several adult volunteers assembling the play structure for a new playground built in partnership with Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Building Playgrounds Together

Every summer, with generous partners, we replace old playgrounds with great new playspaces. Read how families in the West Hill neighbourhood will help build and then enjoy a new playground at Heron Park. And watch a video of the new Elms Park "T-Rex Playground" on Giver TV!



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2014 Partnership Successes

It's been a busy year for Parks, Forestry and Recreation and our many partners who are investing in the City's parks, urban forests and recreation facilities. Here's a round-up of joint successes.

Partnership Opportunities

Canadian Tire donations cheque for $60,000

Sponsors & Philanthropists

The Partnership Development Unit of Parks, Forestry and Recreations helps organizations and individuals channel their sponsorship investments or philanthropic donations in efficient, meaningful ways.

Donation event with children playing


There are many ways to donate to projects undertaken by community groups working in partnership with Parks, Forestry & Recreation, or to donate to city-wide programs undertaken by the Division. Donations may qualify for a charitable tax receipt.


Projects You Can Support

Parks, Forestry & Recreation works with donors and sponsors to channel their contributions in meaningful ways. The Partnership Development Unit is currently working with dozens of community groups and other organizations on city-building projects including playgrounds, tree planting and recreation facility improvements.

St Matthew Clubhouse

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

The charitable Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is dedicated to enhancing Toronto's parks. Headquartered at the St. Matthews Club House in Riverdale Park East, the Foundation promotes philanthropy, corporate support and community involvement to achieve a range of enhancements to the parks system.

Recent Successful Partnerships

Success Stories image with view of a playground

Success Stories

We highlight some of the recent successful partnerships undertaken by citizens, third-party supporters and Parks, Forestry & Recreation to enhance parks and green spaces in the city.