Recreation Facilities

Playground Paradise

Please note Private parties must be booked at least 14 days in advance. Party permits can only be booked over the telephone or in person during regular drop-in hours.

If booking over the phone: you must pay using a credit card, and ensure you have access to a scanner or fax machine as your signature will be required in order to confirm the booking.

Children playing at Playground Paradise

Playground Paradise is a two-storey play structure located within the Flemingdon Community Centre. Go down the spiral slide, swing on the track ride, climb the cargo elevator, and play in the ball pit! We offer a public drop-in schedule and party bookings. Please note: Socks are required for everyone that enters the playground.

The playground is for children up to age 12.

Weekends at the Playground reach capacity quite often. Please call ahead of time to see that we are not at capacity. 

Play Safe…Read the Rules

To assist you and your child (classroom or daycare) in having the best time at Playground Paradise we suggest:

  • Everyone is here to have fun
  • No food or drink inside
  • No shoes or bare feet. Socks are required (parents included)
  • Strollers are to be left in the hall
  • Leave chewing gum outside
  • Leave toys at home
  • Jumping in the ball pool is not permitted
  • Climbing on the outside (black netting) is not permitted

Please remember:

  • No photographs are permitted at any time
  • Most bumps and bruises happen when children run into each other, therefore running is not encouraged in the play area
  • Parents are expected to engage and supervise children at all times
  • Don't forget to bring your socks!