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Biography: Councillor Ron Moeser (1943-2017)

Ron Moeser was a long serving Councillor for the City of Toronto and a Councillor for the former City of Scarborough.

Councillor Moeser accomplished many important objectives during his tenure as Councillor for Ward 44: 

  • Organized and fought for the preservation of the Rouge Valley.
  • Brought together all the Community Associations in Scarborough (C.O.S.C.A.) to help create Canada's Largest Urban Park.
  • Secured funding and approvals for the Port Union Waterfront and Village Common including the tunnel to the waterfront.
  • Secured funding for the Morningside Library on Lawrence Avenue at Heron Park.
  • Instrumental in the rebuilding of Heron Park Community Centre and the restoration of the swimming pool and children's play park.
  • Secured and maintained funding for the 43 Division Police Station.
  • Instrumental in securing the funds for the Bill Dempsey EcoPark located at the head waters of the Centennial Creek in Highland Creek.
  • Worked with Darlene Cross to assure the Crossroads Skateboard Facility was built for the youth of the community.
  • Obtained funding for the purchase and restoration of the Morrish Store in Highland Creek.
  • Protected creek systems in Ward 44.
  • Secured funding to rebuild Lawrence Avenue from Beechgrove to Kingston Road.
  • Worked with GO Transit to add parking north of Village Common for waterfront.

Committees and agencies work:

  • Standing member, Scarborough Community Council
  • Executive Committee
  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority 
  • Budget Committee 1990-2003
  • Past Chair of the Scarborough Community Council
  • Past Board Member of Toronto Hydro
  • Toronto Zoo Board
  • CNE Board of Managers
  • City of Toronto Seniors Committees
  • Board of Centenary Hospital 
  • GTA Committee 
  • Past Member of the Rouge Park Alliance

Councillor Moeser lived in the Scarborough community for the last 30 years with his wife Heather and three daughters. 

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