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The Toronto Archives is the municipal archives for the city. We hold records created by the City of Toronto government and its predecessor municipalities,as well as non-government records created by private groups and individuals. There are over one million photographs of Toronto in our collection, as well as tens of thousands of maps, plans and architectural drawings.

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A group of Black women in long coats and broad hats stand in front of Ontario House

Black history in Toronto

February is Black History month.  Toronto has had a black population from its earliest days as a settlement. Find out what resources the Archives has to learn more.


Saturdays at the Archives

Box requests cannot be processed on Saturdays, so order any boxes that you will need no later than noon on Friday.


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See the most recently scanned material that's available to view online.

There are now 98,355 scanned images linked to descriptions in our online catalogue.

Fire Insurance plans available online

Fire insurance plans

Fire insurance plans provide detailed information about buildings and neighbourhoods.

Our online collection is now fully available to MAC users. We have also added enhanced scans, and a street index with each year.