Public Art

The Public Art and Monuments Collection

The City of Toronto that came into being with amalgamation in January 1998 inherited a legacy of Public Art that dates from the middle of the 19th century. Each of the seven former municipalities made a commitment to public art policies, built Public Art Collections and appointed citizen advisory bodies to guide their management and growth. Public Art processes ensure that the method for commissioning, acquiring and managing public art works is open, equitable and fair, and secures adequate funding to create and maintain public art.

The Public Art processes for the City of Toronto Public Art Collection show a commitment to collect, conserve and interpret a high calibre program of artworks that:

  1. Provide new opportunities for artists 
  2. Allows for works that are of the highest artistic quality and are relevant to their community, context and site
  3. Enrich the experience of Toronto residents and visitors

Cultural Services' Public Art processes protect and maintain Public Art as a valuable part of the built environment and make space for Public Art available and a priority in the development of Toronto's cityscape. The Public Art and Monuments Collection of the City of Toronto grows each year, predominantly through commissions with some donations. Cultural Services works across City of Toronto departments and agencies to operate a public art program that includes a diverse range of opportunities for artists and projects.