Toronto Water

The City's Toronto Water division delivers safe drinking water, collects and treats wastewater, and provides stormwater management services.

The division serves 3.3 million residents and businesses in Toronto and portions of York and Peel, and has more than $28 billion in infrastructure. Learn more about Toronto Water at a glance

Conceptual image of Odour Control Housing Unit for the underground vertical storage shafts


Managing rain and melted snow, to help reduce basement flooding and protect the environment.

Important Information

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Prevent Basement Flooding

Together we can stop heavy rainfall, melting snow and run off from ending up in your basement. The City is continually updating and maintaining Toronto’s complex underground pipes, sewers and catch basins. Homeowners can also take steps to help prevent basement flooding.

Be Cautious of High-Pressure or Misleading Sales Tactics

Toronto Water does not conduct door-to-door sales of any kind and does not sell, market or endorse any products. This includes companies offering health-based tests on Toronto's drinking water quality. Learn more about this issue

The City also does not support or partner with any private company in delivering the Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program or the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. The only contractors hired to deliver the Water Meter Program are Neptune Technology Group (meter installation) and Ontario Excavac (curb-stop repairs).

Should you have any questions about these or any City program, please call 311.