Construction Project

Downtown Construction Projects

The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission are completing various construction projects throughout downtown Toronto this spring, summer and fall. These projects are part of the Council -approved 2016 Capital Works Program to renew our aging infrastructure.

Downtown projects are listed below chronologically by start date.


2017 Construction Project Details

ExpandF.G. Gardiner Expressway Lower Simcoe Ramp Removal & Harbour Street Improvements

F.G. Gardiner Expressway Lower Simcoe
Ramp Removal & Harbour Street improvements

Planned start date: April 2017

Planned End Date: January 2018

Location: Lower Simcoe/Harbour Street

Description of Work: 

The City of Toronto is constructing a new off-ramp from the eastbound Gardiner Expressway to Lower Simcoe Street. The contractor will begin demolition of the existing off-ramp to York, Bay and Yonge Streets in April 2017 followed by construction of the new off-ramp to Lower Simcoe Street and improvements to Harbour Street between Lower Simcoe and Bay Streets. 

Public Drop-In Event

We invite you to attend a drop-in event to learn more about the upcoming construction at Lower Simcoe and Harbour Street and speak one-on-one with project staff.

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Time: Drop-in anytime between 3:00-5:00 pm or 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Place: Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre,11 Bay Street (Marine Room)


Phase 2 Construction 2017-2018

January - April

  • Complete foundation and substructure for new ramp.
  • Install new catch basins and storm water leads on Harbour Street.

April - July 

  • Demolish existing York-Bay-Yonge ramps
  • Relocate hydro vault and install new hydro transformer

July - January 2018

  • Construct new Lower Simcoe ramp
  • Install automated de-icing system on new ramp
  • Construct new traffic lane, sewer and sidewalks on Harbour Street


  • Parkland at York Street to be restored 


Traffic Restrictions:

Beginning Monday, April 17 to January 2018, the eastbound off-ramps from the Gardiner Expressway to York-Bay-Yonge Streets will be closed due to the construction work.  

Traffic Management: Efforts have been made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. These efforts include revising traffic signal times. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

  • EASTBOUND (EB) off-ramps from the GARDINER EXPRESSWAY to YORK-BAY-YONGE Streets will be closed beginning April 17.
  • EB off-ramps into Downtown Core will be available at Jameson Avenue, SPADINA AVENUE and JARVIS STREET.
  • EB off-ramp at Spadina will be adjusted to allow for movement onto EB Lake Shore Boulevard.  The NB turn at Spadina will remain.
  • Rees Street on-ramp will be closed, Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm to allow demolition to take place during the day and reduce overnight demolition work (April to July).
  • EB Harbour Street between Lower Simcoe to Bay Street will be reduced to 2 lanes.
  • Well-signalized, well-lit intersections and signage will be put in place ahead of construction to ensure safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. 

Learn more about this project at

Expand2017 Queen Street West Streetscaping

2017 Queen Street West Streetscaping

Planned start date: TBD

Planned End Date:TBD 




Description of Work:  To be posted 

Traffic Restrictions: 

Pre Construction Notice
Construction Notice
Construction Update #1
Construction Update #2
Construction Update #3
Construction Update #4

Update #4 December 2016

This notice provides an update on construction activities taking place on Queen Street West fromBathurst Street to Spadina Avenue. The work includes watermain replacement, road construction and road resurfacing work.

Work on this project is currently behind schedule, this delay was caused by the time needed for thewatermain to pass several necessary water quality tests.We know this project has an impact to all businesses and residents along this stretch of Queen Street West. We sympathize and appreciate your patience with the dust, noise, fencing and other inconveniences.


The contractor has completed:

  • New watermain installation on both sides of the street
  • installing individual water services street connections on both sides of the street
  • repairing the utility cuts and road resurfacing on the north side
  • Road base and partial asphalt paving on south side


  • Complete road asphalt work on south side
  • Pavement markings
  • Remove fencing and re-open the lanes on Queen Street West 


Work Hours:
The contractor is able to have crews on site from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, with work after hours and on weekends as required.  

Majority of the work is taking place from 7:00 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m.

Traffic Advisory:

Traffic on Queen Street West will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Pedestrian Information: 

To keep pedestrians and workers safe, fencing is used between the sidewalk edge and roadway to ensure the watermain by-pass does not interfere with pedestrian activities. Crossing Queen Street must be done at openings in the fencing. 

Cyclist Information: 

Due to the nature of the work on Queen Street West, there is not enough road width to complete construction and keep the curb lanes open for cycling. To avoid cycling on the streetcar tracks,cyclists are encouraged to adjust their routes, or use Adelaide Street West or Richmond Street West to avoid this construction work zone.

Road and Sidewalk Access:

In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the construction work area.  Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Residents that require accommodation must contact the Project Manager to arrange for access during the construction period.


Parking in the active work zone is not permitted due to space requirements for construction equipment and materials. If your parked vehicle affects the construction work, it will be re-located with no charge to the owner.  Please contact parking control for the location of your vehicle at 416-808-2222

TTC Service Changes:  

The 501 / 301 Queen Streetcar is diverting around the work with shuttle buses running through the work zone. Further details will be provided  in the Construction Notice and at

Garbage & Recycling:
Please follow your normal routine. If required, the contractor will move bins to an appropriate location and return them.  
Please ensure that you label your bins with your address.

The construction work area will be restored with sod and/or asphalt where required. Interlocking bricks, flagstone on a granular base, or other similar features that are removed during construction will be replaced. 

Why Did Water testing take so long?

The City's first priority is to ensure that all of pipes and the water flowing through the pipes meet the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) drinking water quality standards. Before a new watermain can be put into service, the City tests the water at an accredited lab to ensure it is safe to drink.

This involves taking two samples, 24 hours apart, and having them tested to ensure they meet stringent drinking water quality standards -- these standards are set by MOECC. If a test result fails to meet the standard, crews work as quickly as possible to rectify the situation and the action taken depends on the situation.

There are a number of reasons why water quality samples taken from new pipes can fail and this can include contamination during sampling or insufficient disinfection of the pipe.  Once corrective action has been taken, the City will return to take more samples for testing.  When two consecutive samples are found to meet the MOECC's drinking water quality standards, the watermain can be put into service. We apologize, but the water quality testing process can take time.  

ExpandWellington Street West Grind & Pave

Wellington Street West Grind & Pave

Planned start date: TBD

Planned End Date: TBD

Location: Wellington St ( University to York St )

Description of Work: Crews will remove the old asphalt on Wellington Street and lay new asphalt.

Traffic Restrictions: Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.

ExpandRiver Street Watermain Replacement & Road Resurfacing

River Street Watermain Replacement & Road Resurfacing

Planned start date: July 2016

Planned End Date: November 2016

Location: River St (Queen Street East to Bayview Avenue)

Description of Work: Upgrading and replacing a watermain dating back to the 1850's. Installing new watermain connects and replacing substandard water service connections. Crews will reconstruct the road from Queen St to North of Gerrard and resurface the road from north of Gerrard to Bayview Avenue.  This work will also result in the removal of the right-turn channel at the SE corner of Dundas Street East and River Street complete corner improvements and upgrade some traffic signals. A dedicated bike lane between on street parking and curb will also be completed and the construction of parking islands on East side of River Street and centre median planters from N of Gerrard to Bayview (TBC).

Traffic Restrictions: Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction through the work areas. 

Construction Notice

ExpandPhase 2 Mill Street Streetscaping

Phase 2 Mill Street Streetscaping 

Planned Start Date: September  2016

Planned End Date: June 30 2017

Location: Mill St ( Parliament St to Cherry St)

Description Of Work:

Phase 1 (Sept 6 - Oct 31, 2016)

  • Upgrading existing 150mm to a 300mm watermain.
  • New watermain will connect to the existing watermains on Parliament Street, Trinity Street and the watermain at the end of Mill Street that is connected to the watermain on Cherry Street.
  • Replacing substandard water services.
  • Road reconstruction from Parliament Street to approximately 30m east of Trinity Street and road resurfacing from  30m east of Trinity Street to Cherry Street

Phase 1 Update September 2016

  • In order to accommodate the work, traffic on Mill Street will travel one way westbound for the duration of this project.
  • Drivers can expect delays
  • Eastbound drivers can Front Street and Lake Shore Blvd. E. as alternatives. 
  • Laneways and driveways that serve businesses will remain accessible for deliveries or service.
  • There will be no parking or standing in the active work zones.
  • Pedestrian access to businesses and walkways will be maintained during construction.
  • TTC service will remain however some delays may be expected due to lane restrictions.

Phase 2 Spring 2017

Will involve streetscaping work

  • Sidewalk widening on the north side of Mill Street from Parliament Street to Trinity Street
  • Several curb bumpouts to delineate parking and update curb radii to improve traffic flow and apply tactile domes for crossings (curb radii changes at the northeast corner of the Mill/Parliament intersection as well as all four corners of the Mill/Trinity intersection)
  • Improving curb symmetry and tree planting
  • Unit paver surface upgrades in some boulevard sections and at the Mill/Trinity intersection

ExpandDundas Street East and Parliament Street Streetcar Track Replacement & Intersection Improvements

Dundas Street East and Parliament Street Streetcar Track Replacement and Intersection Improvements

Planned start date: May 2017

Planned End Date: June 2017

Location: Dundas Street East & Parliament ( Intersection)

Description of Work: 

  • remove the concrete and old streetcar track, replace the concrete and install new track
  • repair sidewalks for accessibility improvements
  • restore the road and sidewalks where necessary

Traffic Restrictions: To accommodate this work, the intersection will be completely closed for three weeks, exact dates will be announced at a later date.

Pre-Construction Notice

ExpandDundas Street East (Yonge Street to Church Street) Streecar Track , Watermain, Road improvements

Watermain Replacement, Streetcar Track Replacement, and Road Improvements on Dundas Street East from Yonge Street to Church Street

Planned start date: April 2017

Planned End Date: October 2017

Location: Dundas Street East (Yonge Street - Church Street)

Description of Work: 

  • replace the old watermain and water service connections
  • remove the concrete and old streetcar track, replace the concrete and install new track
  • reconstruct O'Keefe Lane over two weeks (exact dates will be provided in the construction notice)  
  • repair sidewalks for accessibility improvements
  • restore the road and sidewalks where necessary

Traffic Restrictions: 

Efforts have been made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. These efforts include adding Local Access signs, revising traffic signal times. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

  • One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained during watermain work
    (April to July)
  • One lane of westbound traffic will be maintained during TTC track work
    (August to October)
  • Victoria Street/Dundas Street intersection will be fully closed for a period of time
  • There will be periodic lane restrictions on Yonge Street (during watermain, road and sidewalk work)

*Dates for the intersection work will be provided in the Construction Notice. 

Pre-Construction Notice

Traffic Information