A person can run for the office of mayor, city councillor or school board trustee. This section provides information, rules and tools a candidate can access to run a campaign.  

Information is relevant to the 2014 municipal election. 

 The next General Election is Monday, October 22, 2018

Candidate Topics

Candidate Resources

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Candidates' Questions

In the interest of giving all candidates in the 2014 municipal election access to the same information, the following section features candidates' questions about the City and the City's responses.

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Maximum Expense Limits for 2014 Election

An overview of the 2014 municipal election maximum expense limits. 

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Complete List of Key Dates

A full schedule and description of events, tasks, reminders and deadlines related to a candidate's campaign is updated regularly.

Compliance audit

Compliance Audit Process

Information about the compliance audit process and Compliance Audit Committee meeting agendas and decisions.