Council Members

City Council Handbook

The City Council Handbook is provided to every Member of Council at the beginning of the term.

Volume 1: Operations

Expand2. Your budgets

Council office budgets

  • Mayor's office operating budget
  • Delegation of signing authority
  • Constituency Services and Office Budget
  • Council General Expense Budget
  • Newsletter entitlement (Updated)
  • Legal fees
  • Mobile devices and tablets
  • Entitlement related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) (Updated)
  • Council Business Travel Budget
  • Councillor Staffing Budget (Updated)
  • Staff salaries and positions (Updated)
  • Staffing reports and forecasting
  • Staff Replacement Budget
  • Tracking and disclosure of expenses
  • Gifts and benefits
  • Council Member-Organized Community Events Policy
  • Reporting donations
  • Travel paid by a third party

PDF version: Section 2: Your budgets
(As originally published, without updates)

Expand3. Your staff

Council Members' staff

  • Human Resources Management and Ethical Framework for Members' Staff
  • Staffing budget and positions (Updated)
  • Hiring staff
  • Eligibility to work
  • Working for more than one Councillor
  • Contracts and documentation
  • Conditions of employment (hours of work, benefits)
  • Staff pension
  • Managing staff during the employment period
  • Legislation
  • Changing staff salary and position
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal
  • Bi-weekly timesheets
  • Kilometrage and parking expenses
  • Termination of staff
  • Volunteers, students and interns in a Councillor office
  • Employee corporate programs

PDF version: Section 3: Your staff
(As originally published, without updates)

Expand4. Your space

Council offices

  • City Hall office
  • Constituency office
  • Home offices
  • Touch-down space
  • Resources available on second floor of City Hall
  • Security for Members of Council
  • Access cards and keys
  • Council reception
  • Visitor sign-in procedures
  • Parking
  • Booking civic space for meetings and events
  • Councillor Use of Civic Space Policy
  • Catering
  • Use of Members' Lounge during Council meetings
  • Office cleaning and maintenance
  • Furniture and small moves
  • Ergonomic assessment

PDF version: Section 4: Your office
(As originally published, without updates)

Expand5. Running your office

Councillor office support

  • Communications support
  • Using the City logo
  • Member of Council City web page
  • Official portraits
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Mail and couriers
  • Office supplies

Managing records and information in Councillors' offices

  • Accountability for records in Councillor offices
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
  • Protecting confidential and personal information
  • Accessing information

PDF version: Section 5: Running your office
(As originally published, without updates)

Expand8. Serving Your Constituents

Serving constituents

  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (Commissioner of Oaths)
  • When emergencies occur
  • Meeting accessibility requirements
  • Community associations/ratepayer groups
  • Recognizing and celebrating individuals and community groups (proclamations, greetings and scrolls)
  • Flag raisings and half-masting
  • Official gifts, presentation items and City logo pins
  • Official visits: courtesy calls and study tours
  • Funerals and condolence books
  • Event support
  • Community groups - booking public space (Updated)
  • Questions about working for or doing business with the City
  • Provincial Offences Court
  • Resources to assist Councillors in serving constituents

PDF version: Section 8: Serving your constituents
(As originally published, without updates)

Volumes 2 and 3

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