Facilities and Equipment

Accessible Beaches

woman in beach wheelchair being pushed allong the water's edge.Available for free short-term loans, the City of Toronto has beach wheelchairs at Woodbine and Centre Island Beaches that allow individuals with physical disabilities or mobility challenges to experience our great beaches. To reserve the beach wheelchair from the Centre Island First Aid station, please call 416-392-2501. You can reserve the beach wheelchair at Woodbine Beach by calling 311 and it is available for pick up at the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool. Beach wheelchairs require a support person as the chair cannot be manually pushed by the user due to the large smooth tires.

expanded mesh plastic mats reaching from the foreground all the way to the water’s edge in the distance at Woodbine beach. There is a wheelchair symbol at the start of the mat. Additionally this year, Woodbine and Centre Island beaches boast expanded mesh plastic mats reaching all the way to the water’s edge, increasing accessibility to Lake Ontario for all.