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Toronto Building Fee Schedule

Calculated based on the work you propose in your application, the fee schedule lists the fee rate charged for each type of work proposed, and explains your payment options.

Accepted Methods of Payment & Limits

Building Permit Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, debit card, Visa or MasterCard.

  • Payment by Visa, MasterCard or Amex is limited to a maximum of $20,000.00. Any balance of payment may be paid by cash, cheque, or debit card by visiting one of Toronto Building's customer service counters.
  • Payment by personal or company cheque that is less than $2,000.00 must be certified.
  • Payment of any applicable Parkland Dedication, Development Charges, Educational Development Charges, or Planning Benefits, including other development related fees, must be made in person and paid by certified cheque only. All cheques are to be made payable to: "The Treasurer - City of Toronto."

No permit will be issued until all fees are paid. However, for projects with fees greater than $20,000, a partial permit for excavation and shoring may be issued if the required deposit is made on the building permit fee.


Payments by Phone

To use the Toronto Building Fee Payment Line service, please call (416) 397-5222. Before you make your call, follow the Accepted Methods of Payment (above). Please ensure that you are an authorized cardholder and be prepared to provide an email address along with the application folder number (i.e., 13-123456 ABC 00) for which you are remitting payment. Toronto Building will process the payment for the authorized credit card holder and he/she will receive a receipt by email.

Permit Fee Calculations

Fees Schedule effective as of January 1, 2014 (Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441, Appendix C, Schedule 8)

Permit fees shall be calculated based on the formula given below unless otherwise specified in this schedule:

  • Minimum fee of $107.05 shall be charged for all work
  • Hourly fee $80.29
  • Fee Calculation Formula:
    Permit fee = SI x A
    SI = Service Index for classification of proposed work
    A = Floor area in m2 of work involved of work involved
Building Classification Service Index (SI)

A. Construction - Group A [Assembly Occupancies]

All Recreation Facilities, Schools, Libraries, Places of Worship, Restaurants (finished), Theatres, Arenas/Gymnasiums/Pools, etc. $26.77
Restaurants (shell) $22.40
Open Public Swimming Pools $7.20
Transit Stations, Subways, Bus Terminals $20.72
All other Group A Buildings $26.77

A. Construction - Group B [Institutional Occupancies]

Institutional, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other Group B Buildings $28.48


A. Construction - Group C [Residential Occupancies]

Residential Unit Fee
Each new residential unit included in an application
Single Family Dwellings, Semis, Townhouses, Duplexes, Live/Work Units $16.06
Motels above two storeys and hotels $25.42
Certified Plans - Housing
(i) For Certification of Plans $8.04
(ii) Permits for Certified Plans $13.63
All other multiple unit buildings and any other residential occupancies $16.06

A. Construction - Group D [Business and Personal Service Occupancies]

Office Buildings (Shell), all other Group D Buildings (shell) $16.83
Office Buildings (finished), Banks, Medical Clinics, Fire Halls, and all other Group D Buildings (finished) $21.17


A. Construction - Group E [Mercantile Occupancies]

Mercantile Occupancies, Retail Stores (shell) $13.64
Retail Stores (finished), Department Stores, Supermarkets and all other Group E Buildings (finished) $17.97

A. Construction - Group F [Industrial Occupancies]

Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Self-Storage Buildings (shell less than 7 500 m2) $10.70
Industrial Buildings (finished, less than 7 500 m2) $14.72
Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Self-Storage Buildings (shell greater than 7 500 m2) $8.67
Industrial Buildings (finished, greater than 7 500 m2) $13.00
Gas Stations, Car Washes $13.38
Parking Garages (Underground, Open Air) $7.01
All other Group F Buildings $14.72

B. Alterations and Renovations Fee

Interior alterations (partitions, finishings, etc.)
Group A, B and D $4.34
Group C, E and F $4.02
Alterations/renovations, residential occupancies, floor replacement $5.36

C. Demolition Fee

All Buildings and Occupancies $0.13
Environmental Review (in addition to Service Index) $892.10
Implosion (in addition to Service Index) $2,007.24

D. Designated Structures Fee (Building Code Division A Subsection

Communication Tower $368.00/structure
Crane Runway $368.00/structure
Exterior Tank and Support $368.00/structure
Pedestrian Bridge $368.00/structure
Retaining Wall $10.70/linear metre
Satellite Dish, Solar Collector $368.00/structure

E. Stand Alone and Miscellaneous Work

Air Supported Structures $7.65
Application intake, plan review, and inspection activities for energy efficiency devices and equipment (for Solar collector system on a small residential building or any other building less than 5 sq. m) $107.05/installation
Balcony Guards (replacements) $2.00/linear metre
Balcony Repairs $18.74/balcony
Basements - Finishing - in Dwellings/Townhouses $5.36
Basements - Unfinished - Non Residential $5.36
Canopy without enclosure $5.74
Ceilings (added or replacement) $0.53
Demising Walls (no other construction) $5.36/linear metre
Electromagnetic Locks $40.14 each, maximum $401.45
Emergency Lighting $46.84/storey, maximum $468.35
Farm Buildings $9.35
Fire Alarms $66.90/storey, maximum $669.07
Fire doors (retrofit) $26.77 each, maximum $401.45
Fireplaces, Wood Stoves $107.05 each
Mechanical Service Spaces and Penthouses $9.35
Parking Garage Repairs:
Slab Reconstruction $5.36
All other repairs $2.00
Pool Fence Enclosures $107.05
Portable Classrooms:
Permits for Non-certified Portable Classrooms $133.83/portable
For Certification $133.83/portable
Permits for Certified Portable Classrooms $66.90/portable
Repairs or Re-cladding of Walls, Re-roofing (non-structural) $0.66
Re-roofing with structural work, raise roof structure $5.36
Residential Decks, Porches, Carports $107.05
Shoring $10.70/linear metre
Sign structure $59.89/installation
Single Family Detached Garages, Accessory Structures $107.05 each
Sprinklers $0.53
Standpipes (retrofit) $46.84 each, maximum $468.38
Temporary Structures:
Tent (to certify) $107.05 (up to two tents)
(Each additional tent) $33.45
Permits for certified tents $107.05/tent
All other temporary tents
(up to 225 m²)
All other temporary tents
(over 225 m²)
for additional area $0.34/m²
Trailers, Sales Pavilions and Temporary Buildings $13.38
Underpinning $10.70/linear metre
Window Replacements (except for SFD) $2.62 each

F. Stand Alone Mechanical Work (HVAC and Plumbing)

Permit for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Group A & B - All Assembly, Institutional, Restaurants $1.65/m
Group C - Single Family Detached or Attached Dwellings, Townhouses:
Heating and Ventilating only, with new ductwork $167.27 flat fee
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning $234.18 flat fee
Boiler/Furnace Replacement $133.83 flat fee
A/C Unit Addition $133.83 flat fee
Other Group C - Buildings $1.20/m2
Group D & E - All Offices, Retail Stores, Mercantile Occupancies $1.34/m2
Group F - Industrial, Garages, Gas Stations:
Small Buildings (up to 230 m2) $200.72 flat fee
Laboratories $1.65/m2
Parking Garages $0.34/m2
Other Group F - Buildings
(More than 230 m2)
HVAC Alterations
Add on System, (Unit Heater, Make-up Air Unit, Exhaust Fan) and/or Ductwork Alterations $167.27 flat fee
Boiler/Furnace Replacement or A/C unit $334.53 flat fee
Special Ventilation Systems
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, Spray Booth, Dust Collector, etc. $401.45 flat fee
Plumbing and Drainage Systems
Fixtures/Equipment/Roof Drains:
Single Family Dwelling $20.07 each
All other Buildings $26.77 each
Piping for Single Family Detached or Attached Dwellings:
Water services, Sanitary and Storm Buried Piping $107.05 flat fee
Repairs, Replacement and Additions of Buried Plumbing and Drainage Piping, Pool Drains $107.05 flat fee
Piping for all other buildings:
Inside Sanitary and Storm Piping $2.27/linear metre
Outside Water Services, Sanitary and Storm Piping $2.27/linear metre
Other Plumbing Work
Manholes, Catchbasins, Interceptors and Sumps Complete with Pumps $33.45 each
Backflow Prevention Devices (devices requiring testing) $80.29 each
Private Sewage Systems:
Holding Tank $334.53 flat fee
Septic System $669.08 flat fee

Other Charges

Alternative Solution Submission $2,049.25
Occupancy Permit (Authority to occupy before completion) Minimum $401.45/permit
Examination and inspection beyond 5 hours $80.29/hour
Additional or revised info submitted for a permit which applies to some or all of the permit which has been reviewed The greater of $107.05/permit or $80.29/hour
Construction without permit;
If construction begins before the issuance of a building permit
50% of permit or $127.44, whichever is greater - max. $25,488.49/permit
Construction without permit;
Construction projects with permit application for each stage of construction
50% of fee for the stage of construction begun without permit - max. $25,488.49/permit
Conditional Permit under Section 8(3) of Building Code Act Additional 10% of full fees
Min. $267.63/permit
Max $2,676.29/permit
Part Permit, Additional Fee $267.63/permit
Permission to Defer Revocation Minimum $107.05/permit
Permission to Defer Revocation, each additional hour $80.29/hour
Permit for Change of Use Minimum fee $267.63/permit
Permit for Change of Use, each additional hour $80.29/hour
Permit to Revise an Issued Permit, per hour of examination and inspection time  $80.29/hour
Special Inspection Fee, per hour of time $80.29/hour
Request to the Chief Building Official to evaluate a building material, system or design $5,123.12
Transfer of Permit $107.05/permit
Fees for Classes of Permits or Services not in schedule:
With a Prescribed Construction value $18.73/$1,000.00 of prescribed construction value
Where there is no Prescribed Construction value $80.29/hour
Fees related to Marijuana Grow Operation:
Marijuana Grow Operation assessment report, remediation plan review and clerical administration costs of Toronto Public Health $768.47
Marijuana Grow Operation Enforcement, Inspection Fee Per Property $653.37
Marijuana Grow Operation Enforcement, Court/Tribunal Attendance Fee Per Property


Information Services

Routine Compliance Search Fee for a Property Information Report (per request) $133.83
Routine Disclosure (for each plan, file, drawing or record) $66.60


Preliminary Project Review (PPR) Fees

The PPR is a review of a proposal to determine its compliance with the City’s zoning bylaw. The fees for the PPR program are as follows:
Type of Request Per Registered Lot Fee Per Request (Non-refundable)
Signs - First-Party Identification Signs, first 2 signs $76.85 each, $25.62/additional, maximum $153.69
Signs - Third-Party Advertising Signs $76.85 each, maximum $230.54
Accessory residential buildings and structures, e.g. garages, porches, balconies, and additions less than 10m2 $76.85
New Houses (Single and Semi-Detached) $179.31
New buildings, additions and conversions where the construction cost is less than $1 million, other than houses $256.16
New buildings, additions and conversions where the construction cost is $1 million or more, other than houses $512.31
Review for business license $215.17/application
All other proposals not described $128.08

Zoning Certificate Fee

The fee for a Zoning Certificate shall be 25 percent of the total prescribed building permit fee. Additional reviews resulting from a response to an Examiners Notice or the voluntary submission of new information to make minor alterations to a project will be subject to a non-refundable re-submission fee equal to 10% of the initial Zoning Certificate fee or the minimum additional hourly fee, whichever is greater, as per the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441.

Sign Permit Fees

Roof signs $38.33 per square metre with a minimum fee of $223.62
All other signs $31.96 per square metre with a minimum fee of of $223.62
Plan Revisions $223.62
Transfer of ownership of a Sign Permit $107.05/ permit
Additional Review or Inspection of a Sign Permit Application $80.29/ hour
Additional administration and inspection services for Sign Structures erected or displayed prior to the issuance of a sign permit $816.72/ sign face
Application for Renewal of Sign Permit $19.19/ m2 of sign face area

Sign Variance Fee

Application for a variance to Chapter 694 with respect to a First-Party Sign $728.07/ application
Application for a variance to Chapter 694 with respect to a Third-Party Sign $1,633.42/ application
Appeal to Sign Variance Committee with respect to a First Party Sign variance application $653.36/ application
Additional Administration and Inspection Services for Sign Structures erected or displayed prior to the commencement of an application for a variance to Chapter 694 $816.72/ per sign face


Sign By-law Amendment Fee

To obtain a site-specific amendment to Chapter 694 or to enact a Signage Master Plan $2,722.36/ application
Additional administration and inspection services for Sign Structures erected or displayed prior to commencement of an application to obtain a site-specific amendment to Chapter 694 or to enact a Signage Master Plan $816.72/ sign face


Building Records and Information

Subscription for Building Permit Activity $20.35 + HST / month
Telepermit (automated inspection status report) $25.45 + HST / report
Inspection status report $80.00 + HST / report



Unsafe Order Clearance Fee $1,500.00/order

Interpretation of Fee Calculation

The following are explanatory notes for the calculation of permit fees:

  • The floor area of the proposed work is measured to the outer face of exterior walls and to the centre line of party walls or demising walls. For interior alterations or renovations, the area of proposed work is the actual space receiving the work. Mechanical penthouses and floors, mezzanines, lofts, habitable attics, and balconies are to be included in all floor area calculations. Except for interconnected floor spaces, no deductions are made for openings within the floor area. Unfinished basements and attached garages for single detached, semi-detached, duplex and townhouse dwellings are not included in the floor area. Fireplaces, porches, decks etc. are included in the permit fee for single detached, semi-detached, duplex and townhouse dwellings. Where interior alterations and renovations require relocation of sprinkler heads or fire alarm components, no additional charge is applicable. Ceilings are included in both new shell and finished (partitioned) buildings. The Service Index for ceiling applies only when alterations occur in existing buildings. Minor alterations to existing ceilings to accommodate lighting or HVAC improvements are not chargeable. Where demolition of partitions or alteration to existing ceilings is a part of an alteration or renovations permit, no additional charge is applicable. Corridors, lobbies, washrooms, lounges, etc. are to be included and classified according to the major classification for the floor area on which they are located. 
  • The occupancy categories in the Schedule correspond with the major occupancy classifications in the Ontario Building Code. For mixed occupancy floor areas, the Service Index for each of the applicable occupancy categories may be used, except where an occupancy category is less than 10% of the floor area.


Fee Refund

Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Chief Building Official who will determine the amount of fees, if any, that may be refunded, provided that the request is received no later than one year after:

  1. Withdrawal of the application; Abandonment of an application; Refusal to issue a permit; 
  2. A request for revocation of a permit under clause 8(10)(e) of the Ontario Building Code Act.

The amount of fees refundable shall be calculated based on the total required fee, as follows: 

  • 75 percent if the application is cancelled prior to review. 50 percent if the application cancelled prior to permit issuance. 40 percent if a permit has been issued and the project has been cancelled, minus the minimum fee for each field inspection performed up to the cancellation date. In cases where the deposit paid is less than the total required fee calculated using this schedule, the amount of the refund shall be reduced by the amount owing. No refund is due for any charges paid under Section 4 of this Schedule A or for certification of plans. If the amount of fees refundable as calculated under this section is less than the minimum permit fee applicable to the work, there shall be no refund. The refund shall be made payable to the party who paid the permit fees, or to other persons authorized in writing by the party who paid the permit fees. Refunds shall be issued up to two years from the date of withdrawal, abandonment, refusal to issue a permit or request for revocation of a permit. 
  • Refunds shall be calculated in accordance with the refund schedule in effect at the time the refund request is made.


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