Strategic Protocol and External Relations

Delegations and Study Tours

Toronto City HallOfficial visits and delegations to the City of Toronto can range from a brief courtesy call, to a multi-faceted information program spanning a number of days. Examples include:

  • national and international dignitaries visiting Toronto
  • international City-to-City Partnership delegations
  • international or national celebrities or personalities
  • technical exchange programs

Courtesy calls

Courtesy calls are formal meetings that are primarily diplomatic or ceremonial. Official gifts are often exchanged and the official visitors' book signed. Courtesy calls are from:

  • national or international dignitaries or celebrities
  • politicians representing local, national and international locations

To request a courtesy call, please send your request to the Chief of Strategic Protocol and External Relations by e-mail, including the date of the visit and the name and c/v of the dignitary.

Study tours

Study tours offer an in-depth look into how Toronto's government works and offer on-site learning opportunities that may include visits to City Council, technical visits and visits to a number of City of Toronto locations.

These tours offer visiting delegations an improved awareness and understanding of the City's government and present them with the opportunity to adopt best practices from other jurisdictions.