City Clerk's Office

Our Services

We strive to profile the City of Toronto in a politically sensitive and positive manner on a local, national and international level.

  • Provides strategic direction and leadership in all aspects of protocol in the City of Toronto.
  • Advances the policy goals of the City, Mayor, and Council by creating an environment for successful diplomacy and engagement with local, national and international dignitaries, while positioning the City of Toronto as a world class city.
  • Upholds and enhances the reputation of the City, Mayor, and Council in official functions, activities, celebrations and commemorations.
  • Supports the Mayor's role as Chief Executive Officer and Head of Council.

Strategic Protocol and External Relations is responsible for use of the following City of Toronto official symbols:

Strategic Protocol and External Relations manages the following services:

We issue:

We also organize and/or support internal awards and ceremonies that are City-wide in scope.  For more information, please contact Strategic Protocol and External Relations

Lapel Pins


City of Toronto lapel pins

The City provides up to 100 pins to organizations that are participating in exchanges, national or international events or tournaments representing the City of Toronto. The request must be made in writing to Strategic Protocol and External Relations and is limited to one request per organization.