Please see below for Advance Notice of Opportunities regarding upcoming contracts with the City.

ExpandRecreation Registration and Permitting System

Opportunity: Recreation Registration and Permitting System
Opportunity Type: Negotiable Request for Proposal (N-RFP 3401-17-0064) for a registration and permitting solution and related professional services.
Client: Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR) division
Projected Issue Date: Early spring 2017

Sue Chakraborti 
Acting Senior Corporate Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Management Division
Phone: 416-392-7468 

The recreation registration and permitting system used by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR) to deliver high-quality recreation programs and manage the permitting of our community centres, parks and natural spaces.

As the largest recreation services provider in the country, PFR uses a system that annually processes over 80,000 recreation programs and issues over 500,000 permits for parks and facilities, as well as provides bookings and point-of-sale services for a variety of other City divisions.

However, as the system has reached its end of life we are seeking a new system solution that will bring us to the forefront of innovation and will help to keep us there in the future.

We are looking for a vendor, working alone or with other innovators, to deliver a solution that will support new ways of delivering service that is efficient, effective and that improves overall services to the public.

The successful vendor will be creative, responsive, solution-oriented and will stimulate innovation. They will engage with the City to make sure the future solution keeps pace with the City’s multi-year vision for service delivery and public engagement, and within an ever-evolving technological landscape. 

Shortlisted proponents will be required to provide a system demonstration and engage in confidential technical and commercial negotiations. A pre-bid vendor education meeting will be held once the N-RFP document is issued to provide information of the key areas of the N-RFP and guide vendors on N-RFP process.

The N-RFP will be posted on the City of Toronto Online Call Document System. An e-mail notification will also be sent once the call has been posted

ExpandCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

Opportunity: Commercial Off-the Shelf (COTS), Enterprise, Cloud-based, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution
Opportunity Type:
Request for Proposal Call Document
Client: "Toronto at Your Service” initiative
Projected Issue Date: March, 2017

Sue Chakraborti
Acting Senior Corporate Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Management Division
Phone: 416-392-7468

This is a notice for upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) from the City of Toronto for the provision of a Commercial Off-the Shelf (COTS), Enterprise, Cloud-based, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution.  The purpose of this RFP is to select a qualified proponent of a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for the City of Toronto's vision of "Toronto at Your Service.”

The City of Toronto's objectives for this RFP are:

  • To procure subscription licenses for a COTS, cloud based, CRM Solution to meet the City's functional, technical and compliance requirements.
  • To procure a CRM solution which allows multiple users to work concurrently, is secure, MFIPPA and AODA-compliant, scalable, flexible and open to accommodate future functionalities as additional requirements emerge from Divisions;
  • To procure a CRM solution which can integrate with existing City applications, legacy systems and external systems as outlined in the City's defined integration requirements;
  • To obtain knowledge transfer and training from the vendor for key City staff;
  • To obtain support and maintenance for the Cloud CRM solution from the vendor;
  • To obtain assistance from the vendor for initial setup of the Cloud CRM solution in 2017.

Please continue to monitor the City's website for more information on the up-coming Request for Proposal.

ExpandReplacement of Pumping System for the Western Beaches Tunnel Project

Opportunity: Replacement of the Pumping System and Other Existing Equipment for the Western Beaches Tunnel Project
Opportunity Type: 
Notice to potential respondents of an upcoming Tender. This is not a bid solicitation.
Client: City of Toronto
Projected Issue Date: 
Spring/Summer of 2017

Candida Charles
Senior Corporate Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Management Professional Services 
Phone: 416-392-7326

This opportunity pertains to the replacement of the pumping system and other existing equipment for the Western Beaches Tunnel Project (the "Project"). The Western Beaches Tunnel (WBT) was constructed in the year 2000 and is located along the Toronto waterfront between Parkside Drive and Strachan Avenue. It consists of a 3m diameter and 3.6km long storage tunnel, 3 storage shafts (25m dia. by 30-50m deep), 6 drop shafts (1-2m dia.), 10 sewer interception chambers, 9 lake isolation chambers, and a pumping station with UV treatment.  The WBT facility collects and treats combined sewer overflow (CSO) from 10 existing storm and CSO sewers.

The Construction Services required are detailed in the preliminary design document "Western Beaches Tunnel Pump System Replacement Predesign Report" (PDR) dated June 23, 2016 which is now available to potential Respondents as pre-Tender information.

The Construction Services generally entail rehabilitation and/or replacement of structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control elements to the following WBT systems: pumping system; sediment flushing and fluidization systems; sewer interception, lake isolation and emergency overflow systems; electrical/instrumentation/SCADA systems; piping and process systems; HVAC system; lighting system; UV treatment system; health and safety systems; automated CSO sampling system and staff/equipment access systems.

The PDR document is available to potential Respondents only via written request to the City Corporate Buyer identified as contact.

Please continue to monitor the City's website for more information on the up-coming Tender.