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Chrysanthemum Show 2014



Toronto Island

Visitor Survey for Toronto Island Park 2014

Toronto Island Park has 1.2 million visitors every year and we'd like to hear from all of you! How often do you visit Toronto Island Park, what do you like to do when you get there and what types of information about the park do you need to plan your visits?

Pan Am Games Bench Survey

Pan Am / Parapan Am Games Bench and Planters Survey

We'd like your feedback on some of the place-making we're doing to create small scale but dynamic gathering spaces to serve as recognizable Pan Am / Parapan Am Games event and location markers. Please fill out our survey to tell us what you think about the benches and planters we're testing out.

kid wears a helmet

Concussion Awareness

Don't learn about concussion the hard way. Know what to do and keep your head in the game. Remember: If in doubt, site them out! For more information on how to prevent, recognize and manage concussions, visit