Employment & Social Services

Important Changes to the CSBC Card

The CSBC card is being replaced with a different payment card beginning April 2017.

Any funds that are remaining on the CSBC card cannot be transferred to another card and will no longer be available as of July 1, 2017.

Here are some ways to access your remaining funds on the CSBC card - you will need to know your card balance:

  • withdraw cash from an automated teller machine (ATM)
  • use your CSBC card when you are making a purchase at a retail store (where payment cards are accepted)
  • apply the remaining funds toward an online bill such as a utility bill

To check your card balance, visit checkmycard.ca or call at 647-727-3019 (outside Toronto call 1-855-233-5800) TTY: 1-855-812-0400.

In late April, your replacement payment card for receiving your benefit payments - the RBC Right Pay™ card, will be mailed to you along with instructions to activate and use the card.

The key changes between your current CSBC card and the replacement card are:

  • any ATM withdrawal fees incurred increase from $1.50 to $2.00 each
  • cash back from merchants will no longer be available
  • and the cardholder support telephone number and website will change

While you had previously consented to receive your benefits by way of a prepaid payment card, due to the changes outlined on this page related to your replacement card, if you wish to receive your monthly Ontario Works payments by another payment method such as Direct Bank Deposit please speak to your caseworker about options available to you.

Contact your caseworker if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note, in order to provide you with enough advance notice of these changes to the program, the fee changes will not take effect until July 1, 2017

Please review the information below about the new RBC Right Pay™ card that will be replacing your current City Services Benefit Card (CSBC).

  • the card is issued by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and can only be loaded with Ontario Works payments from Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS)
  • the RBC Right Pay™ card will include four no fee ATM withdrawals per month from RBC ATMs
  • the fee for additional RBC ATM withdrawals or any withdrawals from non-RBC ATMs will increase to $2.00 each
  • the card cannot be used for ‘cashback’ transactions where a retailer charges an amount greater than the price of the goods or services purchased on the card and return the difference to you in cash. Withdrawals of cash can only be made via ATM up to a daily limit determined by Royal Bank
  • the funds on the card will not expire however the card plastic will expire at the end of the month shown on the card. Approximately 60 days before the card expiry, a new card will be sent to you by Royal Bank unless there has been no activity on the card within the previous 12 months and the balance is zero. The funds on the expired card will automatically be transferred to the new card.
  • cardholder support for your new RBC Right Pay™ card will be available online at www.rbcrightpay.com or call toll-free at 1-855-232-0675 or TTY toll-free 1-800-833-1213

Fees that apply to your new RBC Right Pay™ card

Type of FeeAmount of Fee
Purchases – using your Card to buy goods or pay for services. No fee
Cardholder Support via RBC Right Pay Cardholder Website. No fee
Automated Telephone Cardholder Support. No fee
Live Agent Cardholder Support. No fee
Cash Withdrawal from an RBC Royal Bank® ATM – making cash withdrawals at Royal Bank ATMs. Four no fee withdrawals per month. Additional withdrawals are $2 each.
Cash Withdrawal from a non-RBC Royal Bank ATM – making cash withdrawals from a non-Royal Bank ATM in Canada. $2 per withdrawal. Convenience fee as set by ATM owner may apply.
Cash Withdrawal from an ATM Outside Canada – making cash withdrawals at any ATM outside Canada $5 per withdrawal. Convenience fee as set by ATM owner may apply.
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee – checking your balance at any RBC Royal Bank ATM Two no fee Card balance requests per month. Additional Card balance requests are $0.50 each.
Replacement Card Fee – replacing your Card, including if it is lost or stolen. Make sure your profile is up-to-date as this information is used to replace a Card. No fee
Inactivity Fee – fee charged after 12 consecutive months of inactivity. Your Card is considered inactive in any month that money is not loaded onto the Card and you do not use your Card to make a purchase, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, PIN change; or to call RBC Right Pay Cardholder Support or visit the RBC Right Pay website. $2.50 per month
Foreign Currency Conversion – transactions in a foreign currency will be converted into Canadian dollars no later than the date Royal Bank posts the transaction to the Card at an exchange rate that is 2.5% over a benchmark rate Royal Bank of Canada pays the payment card network that is in effect on the date of conversion.

The Limits That Apply to Your Card

The Limits That Apply to Your Card
Cash Withdrawal Limits at an ATM – the amount you can withdraw from ATMs.

$500 per withdrawal

$2,000 withdrawal limit per calendar day
Maximum Daily Purchases – based on the available balance on your Card, the maximum amount you can purchase using your Card per calendar day. $4,000 per calendar day