Equity, Diversity and Human Rights

The Human Rights Office is Here for You

The Human Rights Office provides advice, information and assistance regarding City of Toronto-related human rights, harassment and accommodation issues. Services are available to members of the public and members of the Toronto Public Service.

Please note, however, that the City's Human Rights Office has no jurisdiction over acts or procedures of Toronto City Council, its committees or over the City's various Agencies and Corporations (e.g. the Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Police Services, Toronto Community Housing, etc.). 

For complaints concerning Toronto City Council or Committee Members, you may contact the Office of the Integrity Commissioner at (416) 392-3826.  If your complaint concerns one of the City's Agencies or Corporations please contact the organization directly to file your complaint.

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Members of the Toronto Public Service

If you are a member of the Toronto Public Service with a human rights question or complaint, please see the Human Rights Office page on the staff intranet site, contact us or see making an enquiry or complaint below.

Members of the Public

Member of the public, including visitors to City facilities or individuals conducting business with the City of Toronto are protected by and expected to adhere to the City's Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy. This includes refraining from harassing members of the Toronto Public Service, elected officials and persons acting on behalf of the City.

Members of the public with a human rights question or complaint may contact us or see making an enquiry or complaint below.

ExpandMaking an Enquiry or Complaint

Employees, job applicants, service recipients and users of City facilities may enquire or complain about discrimination and/or harassment pursuant to the City's Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy Complaint Procedures. Enquiries and complaints can be made about employment with the City, the administration and delivery of City services, occupancy of City owned accommodations or discrimination in legal contracts with the City.

Staff in the City's Human Rights Office can provide you with advice to help you resolve the issue yourself. Where appropriate, the Human Rights Office will refer a complaint to the head of the program area or division to allow an opportunity to resolve the matter.

If attempts to resolve the complaint at the program area or division level fail, or are not appropriate in the circumstances, the human rights office may intervene to facilitate resolution. Intervention options include providing advice and assistance to the program area or division to resolve the dispute, facilitating a mediation process or conducting informal or formal investigations.

To make a confidential inquiry about your concerns and obtain advice, please contact us by telephone. You can make a confidential complaint by using our secure online form.

ExpandNon-City related Human Rights Issues

If you have a Human rights enquiry or complaint about a private employer or service provider (e.g. you are employed by or receive discriminatory treatment in a restaurant or store), or related to employment in or services received from the provincial government, please contact the:

If your complaint is about the provision of services within federal jurisdiction or if you work for a federally regulated industry such as a bank or in telecommunications, contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

News & Resources

Creed Accommodation Guideline

The Creed Accommodation Guideline will help managers and their staff, as well as anyone who uses City facilities/services, with creed-based/religious accommodation requests under the City's Accommodation Policy.  The guideline defines the term "creed" and addresses creed accommodations such as the observance of days of significance, prayer times, diets and attire.  Click on the title to review the guideline.

Racial Harassment and Discrimination Resource

The Human Rights Office has created a resource to raise awareness of racial harassment and discrimination, and to encourage dialogue about racism.  Click on the title to review the resource.

Revised Accommodation Policy, Procedures and Guidelines

Toronto City Council adopted an amended City of Toronto Accommodation Policy at its August 2014 meeting. The revised policy addresses the City's legal obligations regarding accommodation in service provision, use of facilities and employment. The goal of the City's Accommodation Policy is to foster an inclusive community and workplace. (for more information click on the link above)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Recent events and the Montreal Massacre have renewed a nationwide debate about the continued occurrence of sexual harassment and violence against women throughout Canadian society.

Sexual harassment can lead to workplace violence and has the effect of denying the inherent dignity and rights of the victim. The City of Toronto is committed to fostering a work environment which promotes diversity, inclusion, ethical behaviour, and positive workplace relationships. The City of Toronto will not tolerate acts of sexual harassment. Click on the title above to review the complete resource.