Film in Toronto

Filming in Toronto

All permits to film on City of Toronto streets, property and parks are issued by the Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Office (TFTDMO). In addition, the Office offers links to resources for talent, skilled technicians, film commissions, government and industry connections, tax credits, studios, locations and suppliers.

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Why film in Toronto

Toronto has celebrated a long history of being a desirable film and television production location. Toronto streets have set the stage for music videos, documentaries, award-winning feature films and long-running, internationally acclaimed television series.

Planning and guidelines

There are a series of guidelines for filming in the City of Toronto including the hours and days filming can take place, appropriate parking considerations, notification of impacted businesses and residents and more.

Resources for filming

The film industry in Toronto benefits from thousands of seasoned professionals, a broad multi-ethnic acting pool, and a depth of industry supports and more.

Information for residents

Toronto is the third largest screen-based production centre in North America, thanks significantly to the support of residents and businesses alike.

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It starts in Toronto

The more than 1,300 television, movie and commercial projects that are filmed in Toronto each year are viewed on screens around the world. 

Whether they're watching on silver screens or on small screens, audiences are getting a glimpse of Toronto. Learn more about what productions have been made in Toronto and are seen everywhere.

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