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Councillor Frank Di Giorgio

Profile: Ward 12 York South-Weston

Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite B25
Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-392-4066
Fax: 416-392-1675

Community Office
99 Ingram Drive
Toronto, ON  M6M 2L7
Phone: 416-395-6437
Fax: 416-338-0093


Constituency Assistant
Rosanna Foti
Constituency Assistant
Masina Catalano
Constituency Assistant
Viviana Gallo

Profile (information provided by Councillor)

Frank Di Giorgio started his political career in 1985 as a Councillor in the former City of North York. In 2000, he was elected Toronto City Councillor for York South-Weston. A former Budget Chief for the City of Toronto, Frank serves on a variety of committees.

While in North York, Frank served as a member of the Executive Committee and chaired all major standing committees, including Works, Transportation, Planning Advisory, Library Board, Parks and Recreation, and Capital Planning.

A graduate of McMaster University in Mathematics and the University of Western Ontario Business School, Frank has a diverse background that encompasses teaching, coaching, business management, and politics.

As a teacher, Frank was an Assistant Head of Mathematics at Western Technology Secondary School, and an Associate of the Ontario College of Education. He also coached championship football teams before pursuing postgraduate training in business administration.

Frank has consistently focused on improving the quality of life for residents of both his ward and the City of Toronto.

Frank and his wife Mary have two children, Liana and Daniel.


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