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History Comes to Life 

Students can...

  • Connect with the experiences of people of earlier times
  • Study diaries, letters and artifacts from the Rebellion of 1837 to WWI
  • Prepare a meal in an early settler's kitchen
  • Enjoy art or nature programs in evocative settings

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School Programs Guides

Secondary Schools

Your Guide to Curriculum-based programs for Grades 9 to 12 in Canadian and World Studies and The Arts.

First Nations Education Program

High Park Through the Ages: From the Carrying Place and Beyond is a program offered at Colborne Lodge that supports elementary curriculum expectation and perspectives and Early Settlers.

ESL English as a Second Language

  • ESL learners develop their language skills through interaction with peers in unique environments.
  • ESL learners are encouraged to articulate their own experiences and explore the journeys taken by past immigrants.

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