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Key Industry Sectors

From food services and financial services to ICT and green; from fashion and film to tourism and life sciences, Toronto's multi-sector strength drives growth, innovation and synergies. City staff work to promote the health and growth of the web of interconnected businesses that comprise Toronto's key industry sectors and consult with businesses on sector-specific issues and opportunities.


Toronto Aerospace

Toronto is a centre for commercial aircraft manufacturing and systems integration with a proud history of technology leadership. The regional aircraft designed and built here help link communities around the world.

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Toronto is one of the world's leading centres of design offering the ideal balance of design skills, innovative thinking and marketing acumen fostered by North America's third-largest design workforce. Toronto innovators help build global brands, make companies more competitive, plan sustainable communities, enhance quality of life and provide the imaginative fuel for future growth.

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Education Services

A leader in academia at all levels of learning; Toronto is a progressive, education-focused city with one of the most highly educated populations in the world.

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Fashion/ Apparel

Fuelled by acclaimed designers, trendsetting retailers and cost-efficient manufacturers, Toronto’s fast-moving fashion cluster has helped increase Canadian apparel exports to the U.S. by 550% since 1994.


Financial Services

Toronto is Canada's business and financial capital. The city is the second largest financial services centre in North America and has one of the highest concentrations of financial services company headquarters in the Americas. With its reputation for safety, soundness and stability, Toronto is fast becoming a global location destination for financial services.

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Food & Beverage

Toronto’s food and beverage cluster is one of the largest in North America employing 51,000 people.

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A growing number of Canada's leading environmental innovators call Toronto home. More than 36,000 people are employed in over 1,700 Toronto-area companies that provide alternative energy and cleantech products and services across a wide range of sub-sectors.

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Life Sciences

New and improved R&D centres help to retain and attract scientists from Canada and abroad as well as solidify the Toronto region's position as the centre of Canada's life sciences sector. Toronto's sector comprises pharmaceuticals; biotechnology; and medical research, devices, surgical supply and assistive technologies.



Music is a vital part of Toronto’s identity. Our city is the largest centre of music in Canada and one of the most varied and vibrant music cities in the world. Toronto’s music scene draws in people across the city, attracts visitors and artists, and engages with film, television, fashion, food, and interactive media. Music is a significant industry and a major cultural asset within the city of Toronto.

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Expert talent, high-speed communications, industry-leading R&D and a reputation as the most cost-effective business centre on the continent have made Toronto a global hub for IT and New Media development.

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Global hub and gateway to Canada, including nearby Niagara Falls and Ontario's scenic wilderness, Toronto welcomes over 40 million visitors a year to its superb attractions, cultural events, entertainment, music, film, shopping and dining.