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311 Service Requests - Customer Initiated

  • Creation Date – The date and time when a service request is submitted into the 311 Lagan ECM system.
  • Service Request Location – The location recorded for the service request represented by either the nearest intersection or the first three characters of the postal code (forward sortation area: FSA). (Applicable to 2012/2013/2014 data)
  • Service Request Type – The request for service created by 311 Toronto on behalf of the customer. The 311 Contact Centre creates the request and forwards it to the appropriate City Division for action.


The dataset outlines the unique problem codes on customer initiated service requests received by 311 Toronto.

  • This data represents a small sample of overall City services.
    • All service requests represents about 25% of all contact with 311 and this data is a subset of this 25%.
    • This data represents service requests in only 5 of 45 Divisions and not even all of the service requests in those 5 divisions ( in some cases only 40%).
  • The 5 Divisions that 311 Toronto initiates service requests for are: Municipal Licensing & Standards, Solid Waste Management Services, Toronto Water, Transportation Services, Urban Forestry (Parks, Forestry & Recreation).
  • 311 began initiating service requests for Toronto Animal Services, a section of Municipal Licensing & Standards Division in Q4 2012. These service requests are currently being incorporated into the 311 Business Intelligence data warehouse and therefore are not included in this dataset.
  • The number and location of service requests will not be representative of the full range of services provided by the City.
  • Urban form and the types of service requests captured in the data will impact any geographic summary of results - for example some types of service requests (like curb side garbage collection) will be skewed towards those areas in the city that have mostly houses as opposed to apartments.
  • This data only represents service requests with a validated Service Request Location against the City of Toronto's Geospatial Competency Centre. There are 9066 service requests created by 311 in the period of January 1 2012 – June 30, 2013 without a validated Service Request Location (i.e. Service Request Location is a Park) . There are 560 service requests created by 311 in the period of December 21, 2013 – January 15, 2014 without a validated Service Request Location.
  • The age of infrastructure in different parts of the City can influence results (for example water main breaks).
  • This data represents the service requests received by 311. All service requests do not necessarily result in service being provided by a Division. The service requests are initiated from the customer's perspective based on description provided by the customer at the time of contact with 311. However, during the request fulfillment process, it could be determined that the customer's request may not be valid or may need to be adjusted. For instance, a customer may contact 311 to report a missed garbage collection, however during the fulfillment process it is determined that their garbage was placed out for collection after 7am rather than prior to 7am therefore resulting in the criteria for garbage collection not being met. In another instance, a customer may request a tree trimming, however during the fulfillment process it may be determined that the tree is on private property and therefore not the responsibility of the City.

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