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Queen Street East Restaurant Study

City Staff have studied an amendment to the Zoning By-law with respect to restaurants and related uses on Queen Street East between the east side of Woodbine Avenue and the west side of Nursewood Road (the Study Area) in Ward 32.

In 1985, a City Planning report entitled "Queen Street East Licensed Eating Establishment Study" went to Council with recommendations on restaurants. The report outlined a study that was undertaken due to concerns about the proliferation of liquor licensed eating establishments and the impacts associated with their operation.

The report recommended a maximum restaurant size of 185 square metres, whereas the by-law that was ultimately adopted by City Council restricted the restaurant size to 165 square metres. The by-law, under restrictive exception 12(2)174, also prohibited patios unless they were in front of the establishment and required a parking spot for a restaurant over 100 square metres. The main concerns of the existing restaurants were noise, garbage, traffic congestion and disruptive behaviour.

At the November 3, 2015 City Council meeting, Council directed City Planning and Economic Development & Culture to consult with the local community and review the existing by-laws governing licensed restaurants along Queen Street East from Woodbine Avenue to Nursewood Road. The Council direction can be found here.

Community Consultation

Staff held a community consultation meeting in an open house format on March 23, 2016 with an attendance of 43 members of the public. The open house presented display panels for public consumption on the existing conditions of the restaurants on Queen Street East and the typical issues that have been raised with restaurants and, in particularly, late night drinking establishments, such as noise, garbage, traffic congestion, and disruptive behaviour. The panels can be viewed below:

Draft Restaurant By-law

Below is a link to a draft of the zoning by-law that the City Planning Division intends to bring forward to City Council that will change some of the standards that apply to restaurants.


Below is a snapshot showing the changes from the existing by-law governing restaurants to the draft by-law.

  Existing By-law Draft By-law
Maximum Restaurant Size 165 square metres, exclusive of mechanical equipment. 200 square metres, exclusive the space used for washrooms, kitchen or mechanical equipment.
Number and Location of Restaurnts within a Building Does not limit the location or number of restaurants. Limits a restaurant use to the ground floor and the size restriction of 200 square metres can apply to one restaurant or a combination.
Patios Front patio only. Front patio and a flanking patio that is 50% of the depth of the building in which the restaurant is located.
Windows and Doors on Rear and Flanking Walls No provisions. Operable doors and windows on rear and flanking walls will have a maximum combined area of 4.0 square metres.
Accessory Entertainment Uses No provisions. Accessory uses (stage, teletheatre gambling, a sound room, mechanical electronic games, and any entertainment or recreational facilities) are limited to 12 square metres. Dance floor and disc jockeys are prohibited.
Parking 1 parking space for each 100 square metres of total floor area used for the restaurant. No parking provisions

 A final report is targeted for the April 4, 2017 Community Council meeting.

Send Us Your Comments

Staff welcome comments and feedback on the above draft zoning by-law amendment.Please send your comments by March 3, 2017 for Staff consideration.

You can send all your comments and feedback by email to George Pantazis, Planner, at Alternatively, you may also call George Pantazis at 416-392-3566.


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