Social Development

Social Development

The Social Development, Finance & Administration (SDFA) Division provides leadership in the City of Toronto to develop and implement a social inclusion and community safety agenda for the city, foster safe and strong neighbourhoods and communities, promote community engagement and advance life skill opportunities for youth.

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Youth Week

Youth Week is coming! Find out about events for the City of Toronto's official Youth Week May 6 to May 13, 2017. 

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Tenants First Project

In January 2015 Mayor John Tory appointed an independent six-person Housing Task Force to take a hard look at how Toronto Community Housing serves the people of Toronto and how it is governed. The Task Force delivered a Final Report in January 2016. Addressing the report of the Task force, City staff consulted with the public and reported back to Council through the "Tenants First: A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing and Social Housing in Toronto" report which was approved by Council in July, 2016. The Tenants First Project Management team is continuing the work of the Task Force by making a plan for real and positive change for residents of Toronto Community Housing.

Tenants First Resident Advisory Panel members selected.

13 Toronto Community Housing residents have been selected as members of the Tenants First Resident Advisory Panel. Panel members represent a broad range of geographic and demographic diversity as well as knowledge, expertise and community interests appropriate to the Panel’s mandate and requirements. 

The Panel will bring their lived experience, knowledge, skills and interests to advise the Implementation Steering Committee on the development of an implementation plan for Tenants First: A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing to help shape the future of Toronto Community Housing and social housing in Toronto.

Featured Initiatives

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SDFA: Did you know?

The Social Development, Finance & Administration Division provides funding for community development, delivers critical community safety support and engages with residents. Learn more about our work in this infographic.

TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy

Unanimously approved by City Council on November 3, 2015, TO Prosperity draws on the experiences and ideas of hundreds of Toronto residents from all parts of the city, and sets a bold vision to build a city with opportunities for all.


Access T.O. for Undocumented Torontonians

In February 2013, City Council reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that Torontonians, regardless of immigration status, have access to City services without fear of being asked for proof of status. Access T.O. for Undocumented Torontonians aims to improve customer service to this vulnerable population by ensuring that City staff have the necessary and relevant information needed to provide effective service.


Toronto Youth Equity Strategy

The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy and the Inner Perspective video were developed with contributions from Toronto youth. These creative works are intended to help readers understand the experiences of Toronto youth most vulnerable to involvement in violence and crime.  The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy identified 28 key issues that the Strategy must address. 


Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

TSNS 2020 supports healthy communities across Toronto by partnering with residents, businesses and agencies to invest in people, services, programs and facilities in specific neighbourhoods. This will strengthen the social, economic and physical conditions and deliver local impact for city-wide change.