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Careers with Toronto Fire Services

This website is intended as a support resource for those seeking information about a career with Toronto Fire Services. Toronto Fire Services has three entry-level firefighting positions: Operations Firefighter, Calltaker/Dispatcher and Fire Prevention Inspector. Please use the links to learn about these careers.  

Toronto Fire Services uses an on-going application process for submitting applications to each of these career entries. 

We encourage you to assess your readiness to compete for any of our three entry level positions by fully reviewing the information posted on this website.

You must pass each stage of the application and selection process to be eligible for final consideration.  Selection stages include a Background Check, as well as Physical and Medical  Assessments.  You will be required to provide a current Police Reference Check as a condition of employment.

Attend a Career Information Session for information about the recruitment and selection process to the entry level positions.

First Class salaries for Operations Firefighter, Calltaker/Dispatcher and Fire Prevention Inspector is $90,623 (January 1, 2014)


Follow this link to the Operations Firefighter Application. 

Information Updates


Operations Firefighter

Summary of key components of the Operations Firefighter hiring including updated eligibility criteria and the requirements to be met at each of the Steps of the Recruitment and Selection Process.

Fire Prevention Inspector

Career Information for Fire Prevention Inspector position. Includes guidelines on the recruitment process.

Career Awareness Program

Aptitude Testing

Toronto Fire Services Career Awareness Program – Aptitude Testing