ConsumersNext is a City of Toronto study that will look for ways to enhance the Consumers Road Business Park and areas around the Sheppard and Victoria Park intersection.  ConsumersNext will focus on six building blocks to address the area's city-wide role as an important location for employment, and the growing opportunity for Mixed Use development, including residential construction, along Sheppard Avenue and Victoria Park.

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        Public Places

                 Built Form

                  Transportation Choices

           Opportunities for Business Growth

             Community Services

              Water Infrastructure

The Consumers Road Business Park and areas at the intersection of Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue provides a place of work to over 18,000 employees, and is one of Toronto's most concentrated areas of office jobs.  The area is also the location of significant residential growth, with over 3,500 residential units approved, under construction, or occupied in the past ten years.  Meeting the needs of residents and workers requires investment and options for active transportation, public spaces and community services.   

More office and residential growth is anticipated in the area.  To manage the growth, support employment uses, and to direct investments into broader community improvements, the City of Toronto is undertaking a study of the area called ConsumersNext.  ConsumersNext will set out a new planning framework to support continued employment investment and intensification in the Consumers Road Business Park, residential uses, community facilities, a street and block plan, and public realm improvements to serve resident and working populations. 

Study Area Map

The study area is almost 100 hectares in the areas of North York and Scarborough

What's part of ConsumersNext?

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Study Phasing

Consumers next process graphics showing study is at the end of Phase 3, beginning of Phase 4 (Implementation)