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Agencies and Corporations

Many of the City's programs and services are delivered by staff from the City's divisions, such as Transportation Services, City Planning and Parks, Forestry and Recreation. However, many other important services are administered on behalf of the City and the community through separate City agencies and corporations, each having its own relationship with City Council. Other services are administered through agencies and corporations in which the City is a partner with the federal and/or provincial governments.

Boards range in size and scope from large corporations with a lot of authority over their own operations, such as Toronto Hydro Corporation, to small community-based boards that rely on community involvement and volunteers to deliver programs, such as Community Centre 55.

About Agencies and Corporations

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The glossary provides definitions that will assist in interpreting information about the City of Toronto's Agencies and Corporations.

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Relationship Frameworks

Some agencies are governed through relationship frameworks. City Council has approved a number of relationship frameworks clarifying the relationship between the City of Toronto and a specific agency. Each framework sets out City Council's delegation of authority, expectations and requirements for the respective board.


Shareholder Directions

Some corporations are governed through shareholder directions. City Council, acting as the shareholder, has issued a number of Shareholder Directions or Declarations to its wholly owned  corporations. Each Shareholder Direction sets out Corporate objectives, principles, accountability mechanisms, approval and reporting requirements and board structures for the Corporation.

Budgets and Remuneration

Agency Budgets

Budget processes for agencies and corporations vary depending on the type of agency or corporation.

Board Remuneration

Rates of board remuneration are set by City Council in accordance with the City's Remuneration Policy.