Auditor General

Fraud & Waste Hotline

Phone with the text written on the screen...Fraud and waste hotline 416-397-STOP (7867), Committed to integrity and accountability The Fraud and Waste Hotline program provides staff and members of the public with a means to report any observed or suspected fraud, waste or misuse involving City resources.

Financial accountability is a top priority for the City of Toronto. The City's Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection formalizes the expectations of personal honesty and integrity required of City officials and employees.

In addition, a Fraud & Waste Hotline is available to enhance awareness regarding the prevention and detection of any fraudulent or irregular activity.

The program is operated by the Auditor General's Forensic Unit.

Different ways of Reporting Fraud & Misuse of City Resources

City employees, the general public and anyone doing business with the City can report suspected wrongdoing involving municipal resources, waste or contracts:

  • Call the Fraud & Waste Hotline number: 416-397-STOP (7867)
  • Write the Fraud & Waste Hotline Program:
    The Auditor General's Office
    55 John Street, 9th floor
    Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
  • Email PDF Form
    Download and complete our report form (PDF 100 Kb) and email it to:
  • Report Online
    Complete and submit your report using our secure online form


All contacts will be handled in confidence in accordance with the City's privacy statement and policies.