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Shelter, Support and Housing Administration 2017 Budget

City Council has approved the 2017 operating and capital budgets, including the divisional budgets for Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (SSHA). Here's what SSHA will be doing with the increased resources entrusted to it by Council:

  • Effectively increasing the supply of affordable housing through use of new portable housing subsidies, ramping up eviction prevention efforts, and pioneering new ways to support community agencies and groups with on-the-ground ideas and knowledge of new forms of affordable housing.
  • Continue with the transition plan for George Street Revitalization and locate and establish the four new shelters needed to ensure Seaton House clients are appropriately accommodated and that shelter capacity is maintained throughout the redevelopment process.
  • Increase the subsidy to city-owned Toronto Community Housing for operations and to finance the completion of Phase 3 of Regent Park Revitalization.
  • Build on City efforts to address capacity issues in the shelter system both through new shelters and through increased focus on supporting shelter users to reconnect to community and opportunity by helping them find and keep homes of their own.

Get more detail by visiting the Shelter, Support and Housing Administration budget webpage.