City divisions

Strategic & Corporate Policy

The Strategic & Corporate Policy Division is responsible for key functions in the City Manager's Office including intergovernmental and agency relations, corporate policy development, the City's strategic planning process, administrative and Council governance and organizational structures, and corporate support for civic engagement.

The Division supports the City Manager's leadership role and provides independent and objective analysis and advice to the City Manager and Council on key matters. Examples include:

  • Coordination of the intergovernmental relations agenda including initiatives such as transit expansion and infrastructure funding programs;
  • Support for the City's participation in federal, provincial and international municipal associations;
  • Analysis of federal and provincial legislation, policies and actions to support City interests;
  • Governance matters of corporate interest such as the development of Council/committee decision making structures, governance arrangements for City agencies and corporations and for Council's Accountability Officers;
  • Corporate policy matters including the Council policy briefing process following elections, the establishment of guiding documents such as the Toronto Public Service By-law, and the development of the City Manager's strategic actions to meet Council's Strategic Plan and objectives;
  • Civic engagement support for Council, the City Manager and divisions to enhance public engagement and opportunities for participation.