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Service Review Program

In 2011, the City of Toronto launched a Service Review Program. In consultation with the public, the program reviewed all of the City's services. The Service Review Program included a Core Service Review that examined which services the City should deliver; Service Efficiency Studies that examined service levels and how to ensure the most efficient and cost effective delivery of City services; and an examination of all current user fees to determine the extent to which they are fair and cover the full cost of providing the service. Learn more.

The reviews

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Core Service Review

The Core Service Review identified what services the City should be delivering. These include services the City must legally provide and those the City should provide as a government. The review considered what it takes to meet the needs of Torontonians, what is important to people on a day-to-day basis, and what it takes to run the largest city government in Canada.

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Service Efficiency Studies

Service Efficiency Studies look at how certain services are delivered to identify new and more efficient ways to deliver them at lower cost. 

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User Fee Review

The User Fee Review examined how we pay for the City's services. Most services for the general public are paid through property taxes. Other services are paid for through user fees. The User Fee Review developed guidelines on how user fee prices are set.

Update on the Service Review Program

Update on the Core Service Review and Efficiency Studies

The report, below, provides an update on the implementation of the Service Review Program for 2012 to 2014 including service adjustments as a result of Council's decisions on the Core Service Review and the status of efficiency measures identified through the process.

The Statements of Work and final reports prepared by external firms for completed Service Efficiency Studies are available on the Service Efficiency Studies page.