Child & Family Health

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Early Abilities (Speech & Language, Vision, Hearing)

Seek early intervention.  Discover your child's potential.

Our children begin communicating at an early age.  They learn to use their vision, hearing, and speech skills to help them get attention, protest, request, comment, ask and answer questions.

When one or more of these skills are delayed or impaired, don't wait and see. We are here to help.

Celebrate May Month!


What's significant about the month of May?

May is Speech, Vision and Hearing Awareness Month and aims to help raise awareness about the role our programs play in providing life-changing treatment and support services while promoting public awareness about speech, vision and hearing health.

Health organizations across North America devote May Month to educating parents and professionals on the supported development of speech, hearing and vision, highlighting barriers to communication and demonstrating how technology, social movements and legislation and have all contributed to change in access to communication for everyone.

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Eye See Eye Learn

With the school year fast approaching for preschoolers, make sure to have your children's eyes checked! If you have a child already attending JK, the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) have a new video encouraging you to book an Eye See...Eye Learn (ESEL) exam before the school year ends. ESEL is an amazing resource partially funded by the Government of Ontario which offers free eye exams and a pair of glasses for children entering Junior Kindergarten.

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Helping Children Overcome Speech Sound Difficulties

Some children experience a delay learning speech sounds. This event on May 29th will include an overview of the types of speech sound difficulties in children, the types of treatments and service‚Äźdelivery models available for children, the impact of speech language pathologists in early intervention, as well as the referral process for school age children.

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Scientist and Toy Makers Get Disabled Kids Moving

Sometimes research answers important questions, but is not able to provide practical solutions. One Research scientist in physical therapy decided to 'think outside the box' and started adapting popular toys and working with toy manufacturers to help children with physical challenges explore greater mobility!

What's New

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Free E-Learning Courses for Speech and Language Development

FREE e-learning courses for parents/caregivers on how to create a stimulating speech and language environment that can support your child's communication development.

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Speech and Language Program Registration Deadlines

If your child was born in 2013 and needs a speech and language assessment, you must register them before the August 31, 2017 deadline.  

If your child was born in 2012 and needs a speech and language assessment, you should speak to your child's teacher or the school principal.  They will then make a referral to the speech language pathologist from your child's school.


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Infant Hearing Program

A community partnership designed to identify infants born deaf or hard of hearing, and children (0-6) who may get permanent hearing loss.