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Zoning Bylaw 569-2013

Interactive zoning maps



City-wide Zoning Bylaw No. 569-2013 regulates the use of land, the size and location of buildings and parking across the City. You can search for your zoning by address on an interactive map



What's New

  • Apartment Neighbourhood Opportunities - The new Residential Apartment Commercial (RAC) zone. Open Houses scheduled for March and April 2014
  • April Open Houses for zoning by-law changes for Group Homes (notice) and statutory meeting resumes at the May 29, 2014 meeting of Planning and Growth Management Committee (agenda
  • Technical amendments to Bylaw No. 569-2013, as well as properties removed from the Bylaw No. 569-2013 at Planning and Growth Committee
  • Printing instructions: open the PDF's and print any page, or save the PDF to an USB stick and photocopy it at any of the commercial copy shops

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Understanding the Zoning Bylaw


City Wide Maps and Land Use Charts

Permitted land uses are charted for each zoning category. City-wide maps also illustrate; policy areas, residential, residential apartment, commercial, CR standard sets, employment industrial, institutional, open space and utility zones.



Transitioning from old bylaws to the city-wide zoning bylaw in the treatment of pipeline development applications, recognition of variance and bylaw permissions and treatment of existing buildings.


The Basics Illustrated

Illustrations show you how to find established grade, how to measure height, what is a flat roof versus a sloped roof, the front side and rear yard setbacks, maximum building depth & length, determining the average front yard setback and how to determine floor space index.