Taxicab Industry Review


The Taxicab Industry Review is now complete. Read City Council's decision.

The bill resulting from City Council's decision is expected to be submitted to Council June 10 and 11, 2014. A bill is a draft bylaw that implements the decisions adopted by Council. Once enacted, a bill becomes a bylaw.

Information regarding the new bylaw will be communicated after this date.

Taxicab Vehicles

As part of the Taxicab Industry Review, City Council voted to make changes to the types of vehicles approved to operate as taxicabs in Toronto.

Until the bill is enacted (expected June 10), the existing Approved Vehicle List continues to apply. After the bill is enacted, the Approved Vehicle List will be updated to reflect City Council's decision.




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Key Taxicab Industry Facts

How many taxicabs are there in Toronto? How much is the average fare? How long do people wait?  And more...

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