Members of Council and Wards

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries and benefits for Members of Council and their office staff.

Member of Council salaries and benefits

Before the beginning of each term of Council, a study is conducted by an external consultant to determine an appropriate comparator group, from which salaries are calculated. For details of how salaries are determined, see the Municipal Code: Chapter 223, Remuneration for Council Members.

Salaries are fully taxable
Mayor $177,499
Councillor $105,397
Extended Health Employer 100%
Life Insurance Employer 100% (2 times salary)
Dental Employer 100%
LTD Employer 100% (75% of salary)
OMERS pension plan Yes
Mileage Current rate per kilometre is $0.54 up to 5,000 km annually and $0.48 thereafter
Severance is paid to Members of Council who die during term of office, retire, resign from office or who are not re-elected to office. Details are set out in the Municipal Code, Chapter 223

Councillor staff salary budget

Each Councillor is provided with an annual staff budget of $224,264.25, equivalent to the top of the salary range of an Executive Assistant, an Administrative Assistant and a Constituency Assistant. As 2014 is an election year, the budget is pro-rated to $204,501.50 for the period January 1 - November 30 and $19,762.75 for December 1 - 31, 2014.

Councillors can hire full-time or part-time staff from the following staff positions:

Position 2014 salary Hourly rate
Executive Assistant $44,772.00 - $84,065.80 $24.60 - $46.19
Constituency Assistant $36,836.80 - $69,669.60 $20.24 - $38.28
Administrative Assistant,
Level 2
$36,836.80 - $69,669.60 $20.24 - $38.28
Administrative Assistant,
Level 1
$28,173.60 - $52,889.20 $15.48 - $29.06
Councillor's Aide
(summer student)