Council Members

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries and benefits for Members of Council and their office staff.

Member of Council salaries and benefits

Before the beginning of each term of Council, a study is conducted by an external consultant to determine an appropriate comparator group, from which salaries are calculated. For details of how salaries are determined, see the Municipal Code: Chapter 223, Remuneration for Council Members.

Salaries are fully taxable
Mayor $177,499
Councillor $105,397
Extended Health Employer 100%
Life Insurance Employer 100% (2 times salary)
Dental Employer 100%
LTD Employer 100% (75% of salary)
OMERS pension plan Yes
Mileage Current rate per kilometre is $0.54 up to 5,000 km annually and $0.48 thereafter
Severance is paid to Members of Council who die during term of office, retire, resign from office or who are not re-elected to office. Details are set out in the Municipal Code, Chapter 223

Councillor staff salary budget

Each Councillor is provided with an annual staff budget of $224,264.25, equivalent to the top of the salary range of an Executive Assistant, an Administrative Assistant and a Constituency Assistant. As 2014 is an election year, the budget is pro-rated to $204,501.50 for the period January 1 - November 30 and $19,762.75 for December 1 - 31, 2014.

Councillors can hire full-time or part-time staff from the following staff positions:

Position 2014 salary Hourly rate
Executive Assistant $44,772.00 - $84,065.80 $24.60 - $46.19
Constituency Assistant $36,836.80 - $69,669.60 $20.24 - $38.28
Administrative Assistant,
Level 2
$36,836.80 - $69,669.60 $20.24 - $38.28
Administrative Assistant,
Level 1
$28,173.60 - $52,889.20 $15.48 - $29.06
Councillor's Aide
(summer student)