Garbage & Recycling


The type of residences that receive curbside collection of garbage, recycling, organics and yard waste include single-family houses (both day and night time collection); semis; duplexes; rowhouses; and most small apartment buildings (less than nine units).

If you have questions about whether the information in this section applies to you, please contact 311.


Collection Schedules

Collection map

Curbside collection

Depending on where you live in the City, your garbage is collected on a certain day of the week. Green Bin is picked up every week, recycling and garbage are collected on alternating weeks. Click here to find your schedule.

Certain houses located on main roads follow a night collection schedule.

Please contact 311 if you want a calendar or recycling guide.

2016 Collection Calendars

If you need a collection calendar, please contact 311. A calendar will be mailed to you.

French translation of calendar information

Call out box information is translated into a Word document. French translation.

Collection Information

A row of blue and green bins on a street

Bin sizes and fees

You can change the size of your bins, garbage and recycling, anytime your needs change. If you have overflow recycling, please up-size your Blue Bin or order an extra Blue Bin free of charge. Got less garbage, get a smaller bin and pay a lower fee. Bin exchange requests are accepted 24/7. Contact 311 either by telephone or via the online service request page.

Green Bin (organics) containers are no longer available at Depots as of June 1, 2016. If you need a replacement, call 311. A limited number of Green Bin containers will be available at Community Environment Days (except in Scarborough as new Green Bin is being rolled out).


Private car entering a drop-off depot

Drop-off Depots

Dispose of items such as household hazardous waste, propane tanks, electronics, renovation waste, tires, etc. Garbage, recycling and yard waste can be also be dropped off — see a list of accepted items