Community Planning

Scarborough District

Scarborough District Planning Activity


Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study

The Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study will develop a vision and comprehensive planning framework for the Golden Mile area.  The vision and planning framework will form the foundation for the Secondary Plan, Urban Design Guidelines and other planning tools to be developed by the City.  The Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study will facilitate and support appropriate residential and non-residential growth within the Mixed Use Areas designation, while protecting and encouraging new employment and office development and investment within the Employment Areas designation.

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Scarborough Centre on the Move

The City of Toronto is undertaking a Transportation Master Plan study for Scarborough Centre.  The study will support the vision and evolution of Scarborough Centre into a walkable and connected urban centre, with an efficient, safe, and balanced transportation network.

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ConsumersNext is a City of Toronto project that will look for ways to enhance the Consumers Road Business Park and areas around the Sheppard and Victoria Park intersection.  ConsumersNext will focus on six building blocks to address and the growing opportunity for Mixed Use development, including residential construction, and the area's city-wide role as an important location for employment.

Scarborough Centre

McCowan Precinct Plan Study

City Planning Staff have initiated an area study of the McCowan Precinct of the Scarborough Centre area to develop a "Precinct Plan" that would further articulate the policies of the Official Plan and develop a framework to guide future growth and development of the McCowan Precinct.

Ellesmere Employment Node Study Area Map.jpg

Ellesmere Employment Study

City staff have completed a study of the area surrounding the intersection of Warden Avenue and Ellesmere Avenue. The purpose of the study was to review existing land use permissions and regulations and to determine if new policies and standards were required to reduce land use conflict.

Finch Warden Area

Finch-Warden Revitalization Study

The City has initiated a Revitalization Study of the Finch-Warden area to examine sites fronting on or in close proximity to Finch Avenue between Victoria Park Avenue and Birchmount Avenue which have the potential for redevelopment or intensification and develop a framework that City Council can use as a guide for considering individual development proposals in the study area.

Highland Creek Village Air photo

Highland Creek Village Study

City Planning Staff has completed the Highland Creek Village Area Study which has resulted in Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to implement the conclusions of the study and develop an appropriate planning framework for Highland Creek Village.

Kingston Road

Kingston Road (Cliffside Community) Avenue Study

The Kingston Road Avenue Study has been completed with City Council approval of amendments to the Official Plan and Cliffside Community Zoning By-law, and adoption of Urban Design Guidelines to advance the revitalization of Kingston Road between Danforth Avenue and Chine Drive.

Danforth Study Area - Click for PDF

Danforth Avenue Study

The City of Toronto has completed a study of a portion of Danforth Avenue between Victoria Park Avenue and Warden Avenue.

Lawrence Avenue Study Area - Click for larger PDF

Lawrence Avenue East Avenue Study

The Lawrence Avenue East Avenue Study examined the mixed-use corridor along Lawrence Avenue East between Victoria Park Avenue and Birchmount Road. This part of Lawrence Avenue has been identified as an Avenue in the City of Toronto Official Plan.

Scarborough Centre

Scarborough Centre Public Space and Streetscape Master Plan

The Scarborough Centre Public Space and Streetscape Master Plan was developed to unify the public realm of the Scarborough Centre with a focus on a pedestrian-oriented, urban-scaled place, with a bold dynamic character defined by a hierarchy of public spaces and streets.

Sheppard Avenue East Study Area

Sheppard Avenue East Avenue Study

City Council has enacted amendments to the Official Plan and the Sullivan Community and Tam O'Shanter Community Zoning By-laws to implement the findings and recommendations of the Sheppard Avenue East 'Avenue' Study to help advance the revitalization of Sheppard Avenue East between the former Hydro Corridor and Bay Mills Boulevard/Aragon Road.

Kingston Road

Kingston Road Revitalization Study

The City has completed a Revitalization Study for Kingston Road within the Birchcliff Community that promotes reurbanization and reinvestment along Kingston Road in the context of the policies of the Official Plan that builds upon and supports local community improvement initiatives.