Stormwater Management

Proposed Stormwater Charge

Currently stormwater management is being paid for from the water rate, which means the amount a resident or business pays for stormwater management is based on how much water is used.

The proposal is to remove the portion homeowners currently pay for stormwater management (currently embedded in the water rate), and show it as a separate charge on the water bill. 

The water rate would decrease by approximately 20% and the stormwater charge would be added. The amount paid for stormwater would be based on property size and the average amount of hard space on properties of a similar size.

Some bills would go up and some bills would go down.

A stormwater charge is based on the impact a customer has on the stormwater system. It is a charge that is dedicated to paying for only stormwater management.

Toronto City Council will be considering a stormwater charge in the spring of 2017. If approved by Toronto City Council, the stormwater charge would come into effect in 2019.

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